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2011  TO  2020


  Canberra was the venue for the 37th. National Competition this year hosted by the Budgerigar Society of N.S.W. Also accommodating the Annual meeting of the World Budgerigar Organisation. A first for Australia, and a first in the Southern Hemisphere. The delegates attending from around the World made up an impressive group of dedicated Budgerigar fanciers. The length of travel time attests to that.
President; Gerd Bleicher. Germany.
Vice President; Carlos Romoa. Portugal.
Secretary; Ghalib Al -Nasser. United Kingdom.
The other delegates attending from overseas were, Grant Finley - UK. Terry Knott - Eire. Carl Slavin - Canada. Pierre Chamoy - France. Eiko Bleicher - Germany. Allessandro Bernabei & Luisa Ballerini, with interpreter Valeria Ballerini - Italy. Dave Ingo - New Zealand. Malcolm Taylor - South Africa. Yilmak Cakmak & Rafet Tanis with interpreter Fatma Tanis - Turkey.
Australia was represented by Bob Bourke - ANBC Secretary NSW. Leigh Downey - ANBC Historian Vic.
The Delegates allowed Warren Wilson as President of the ANBC & BSNSW. To sit in at the meeting. Keeping him quiet was another matter. This historic meeting being held at the Rex Hotel Canberra. Very pleasing to see all the dedicated bird fanciers attending and discussing the enhancement of the hobby Worldwide.

The venue for this year’s competition was the Marque Hotel in their Ballroom. A rather ancient Hotel almost at its use by date but adequate for our Show. Quite central to everything in Canberra as most things are.
Friday started with the W.B.O. Meeting as the teams arrived and were bedded down all successfully. The meet and greet was held at the Rex Hotel a short walk from the Marque Hotel the main Venue. A very long convoluted evening while being good for the International visitors, very hard on the older fanciers who had no access to a chair to sit on or a table to eat off. Eventually everyone seemed to find something to eat and a way to eat it. Saturday the real competition began, with the usual full auditorium by 9.00 am with the Judging commencing on a first trial with 21 birds of each class on the bench to be assessed. Two years of 3 birds from each zone per class. As is the custom the odd numbered classes are judged on the Saturday even on Sunday. The concept was very well received and all fanciers lucky enough to have a bird in their respective teams had the chance to see them Judged against all comers. The down side was the Judging on 3 levels of staging leaving people wondering where the Judging was up to and where the placing were. A very nice array of trade tables helped to add to the friendly atmosphere of the event. Saturday’s evening Dinner Dance was held at the Rex Hotel and was well supported but could be better supported to show faith in the organising teams effort. A pleasant night was enjoyed by all who attended.
Sunday morning was extremely busy again as the even numbered class judging began with Victoria holding a slender lead of 14 points. This lead was soon whittled away as the Judging progressed with a final result seeing NSW victorious by 31 points.
Congratulations to them for a great team effort.
This year there were 20 Individual Logie winners and 2 scoring a double. Congratulations to all, with the doubles being Sheppard & Flanagan (Vic) & C & B Gearing (WA)


bullet New South Wales 478
bullet Victoria 447
bullet South Queensland 404
bullet South Australia 214
bullet Western Australia 299
bullet Tasmania 182
bullet Nth. & Central Queensland 178

We again had the opportunity to observe the talents of an International Judge in Ghalib Al Nasser. (UK) Congratulations to him and the other Judges, Jim Fletcher (TAS) who was teamed with Ghalib, and Jean Painter (NSW) teamed with Alan Rowe (VIC.)
The computerised results were positively and professionally handled again by Maureen & Andrew Bourne, ably assisted by Pat & Bill Sedgwick. Carol Gough provided the computer comments as they were delivered by the Judges along with the results for Luke Fletcher to live stream to the World instantly. Rod Turnbull provided the Photo’s. It is a great credit to the Hobby to bring all these people together to enhance the weekend. Thank you, it is appreciated I’m sure by all attendees and other who cannot make the trip for the great weekend it is.
The Auction on the Sunday afternoon showcased the cream of available pairs with very good results. Some may say expensive. The punters can recognise good stock and it is priced accordingly. Everyone seemed happy.
All Judging, Colour & Standards, Variety and BRASEA meetings were conducted as per schedule and were concluded with positive results. A Victorian Judge managed the National accreditation exam and has been accepted onto the National Judges panel. Congratulations to James Bader. On a sadder note Ross Loats passed away 2 months prior to the Nationals. He was an avid supporter of the National competition and had accrued 6 Logies. At the Delegates meeting a motion was passed to have Ross posthumously inducted into the ANBC Hall of Fame.
There were two other Inductee’s and they were Mark Chidel (NSW) & Kakoschke & Rice (SA) Sunday nights Presentation Dinner was at another Hotel The Rydges Lakeside and it too was very well patronised. All Presentations were as per schedule but tediously slow, poor sound and fragmented.
While realising these functions are necessary as tradition goes and great for the Hobby I believe more care for the quality of food presented balanced against cost must be taken into consideration. This was not one of the better ones.
The Budgerigar Society of NSW had a very comprehensive Tour Itinerary covering all areas of life, history, and birds in the Canberra area. A wide variety with something for everyone. This continued on into the week back in Sydney to accommodate the International visitors. All would have had a great time down under.
Congratulations NSW for all the organising that would have been required to achieve this.
The A.N.B.C. Elections were held at the Delegates Meeting on the Monday with the following results.
PRESIDENT. Alan Baxter. Vic.
HISTORIAN. Leigh Downey. Vic.
WEB MASTER. Steve Campbell. Vic.

The standing Executive for 2011 / 2012 is the President, Secretary, & the Immediate past President.
There were four of the founding fathers inducted into Hall of fame Honour Roll.
Gordon Lowe (Posthumous) (SA.) Colin Morgan & Ron Hunt (NSW) & Barney Hackney (SQLD) Major items other than the normal running of the ANBC discussed were moves away from the accepted Show format of recent years.
Additional Classes added after next year (2012) 3 birds per class team format trial.
Including 2 birds per Class team trial for 2 years. (2013 / 2014) Also in 2013 the National Competition date changes to the third weekend in June.
The compulsory 16mm perch change in the Standard Show cage disappears along with the International Judges time requirement appointment. Just a couple of motions put up and not thought through.
As per discussions in the minutes there were 4 zones instructed to vote against the additional classes by their zone membership. But it was still passed. Make you wonder. There is also a postal vote floating for a Promotional class as of 2013 but not for points. Variety is a by-product of two other varieties. Dark eyed clears.
2012 is Victoria’s turn to host the National Competition and now seems to be a good custom, it is being held in a Provincial city. Geelong is the location, a very nice city on the waterfront, about 70 km from Melbourne We anticipate a great attendance and look forward to renewing and enhancing friendships in this wonderful hobby.

Leigh A Downey.
ANBC. Historian.



  Victoria also decided to decentralise for their hosting of the 38th. ANBC National Competition. Geelong was the chosen provincial City and a great choice with the local Business Events and Tourism people providing great support. Following on from last years historic World Budgerigar Organization Annual meeting in conjunction with BSNSW hosting of the National competition in Canberra. We still managed our International friends from New Zealand and the U.S.A. The venue for this years competition was the Geelong Arena ( The main Basketball Stadium and large entertainment venue.) and we were afforded the whole area with an abundance of room for the displaying of the Judged classes, terraced viewing of the Judging, closed circuit TV monitors in the upstairs bar and trade stand area. Also with good viewing of the Judging. The main accommodation hotel was 3 km. From the venue and was efficiently serviced by the Geelong Council bus line doing circuits all day.
Thursday saw some teams arriving and taking advantage of a days R&R. Friday all teams in but 1 extremely late because of flight delays. But as with all aspects of that zones organisation not suprised. Even so arrived safe and sound.
Friday night meet and greet a very noisy enjoyable evening with a few hundred people renewing friendships, swapping tales and in general informally enjoying themselves.
Saturday went to timing and included a short opening address from the deputy Mayor of Geelong. Judging the odd classes as is the normal with 21 birds on the two tiered judging stands, easier to follow the Judging, and the second year of the three birds benched trial. Judging seemed also more positive with two rows to contend with. There was also more closed circuit screens available for all to conveniently follow the Judging up close. Upstairs in the bar and trade table area as well.
Thanks must go to the Sponsors and all the traders who help to make the weekend a complete hobby experience. They were very well supported and I think all would be well compensated and happy.
Saturday evening dinner dance was held at the Sheraton 4 points Hotel, overlooking the bay. Beautiful views complementing a great night of fine food and music. Enjoyed by all who attended. This seems to be a very hard function to attract people in numbers and I believe some / all zones in future will review the effort, cost and feasibility, in staging such a night. Sunday morning kicked off again with all even numbered classes to be judged. Judges were rotated into different teams. Victoria was holding a lead of 23 points from NSW.
As per last year Victoria led by 14 points on the turn and were overrun by NSW. But this year NSW. Only managed to make up 1 point on the day at the close of Judging.
Congratulations to Victoria winning by 22 points.
There were again plenty of individual Logie winners the total being 20 with 2 scoring a double. Congratulations to all with the double winners being Sheppard & Flanagan partnership (Vic) 2 years in a row and A & C Druery (NSW).


bullet Victoria 479
bullet New South Wales 457
bullet South Queensland 325
bullet South Australia 302
bullet Western Australia 274
bullet North Queensland 238
bullet Tasmania 234

The Judges for the Championships were ;
Saturday odd numbered Classes.
Mark Bridgeman. (Vic) X Henry George. (Sth. Qld.)
Mathew Campbell. (N.S.W.) X Peter Glassenbury. (S.A.)
Sunday even numbered classes.
Peter Glassenbury. (S.A.) X Henry George. (Sth. Qld.)
Mark Bridgeman. (Vic.) X Mathew Campbell. (N.S.W.)

The computerised results were again a very united national team effort led by Andrew Bourne with a solid back stop from a hospital bed in Canberra by Maureen. Filling in and doing a great job on very short notice were Steve Campbell, Pat & Bill Sedgwick, who stepped up at my request and did the hobby proud. Thank you to the whole team.
Maureen Bourne was also an enormous help throughout the year leading up to the weekend with the computer package re registrations etc. A lovely lady with a great commitment and work ethic in and to the hobby.
Carol Gough again provided the comments from the Judges along with Rod Turnbull the photo’s to Luke Fletcher to live stream again to the world instantly.
Thankyou from all the hobbyists again on a great team effort.
The eagerly awaited Auction on the Sunday afternoon again brought out the dedicated breeders keen to improve their stock. A pleasing result from a very entertaining hour compliments of Stuart Williams (N.S.W.) He not only sells the birds and extracts good Dollars he declined any remuneration.
All in attendance agreed the 3 birds per class on the bench from all zones and 2 tiered judging was a positive step forward. Next year in Toowoomba there will be 2 birds on the bench from each zone with additional classes. This is also a two year trial and will then have to be evaluated and assessed against the previous 2 years.
The addition of the extra classes was not widely circulated to all members in Australia contrary to what has since been written, hence some zones will struggle to field birds in these classes.
Also a move away from the established successful weekend of staging the National competition on the last weekend in May. Both changes should be surveyed throughout the Hobby Nationally at the end of this second two year trial.
Sunday Nights Presentation Dinner was held in the Ford Discovery Centre a unique automobile museum. (Now closed.) The night was very well supported and a very enjoyable different unique function to close off a great weekend of birds. Catering was excellent and the presentations went smoothly on the front line.
Hall of fame members received a commemorative plaque for their achievements.
All Judging , colour & standards , variety’s meetings, forums etc. were conducted again with positive results. The delegates met at the Sheraton 4 points on the Monday, with the National business being concluded for the ensuing year. Not a huge amount on the agenda.
Only major changes are to the Matrix with the English & Australian Yellow face variety.
Also the format for 2015 Show in W.A. needs to be thought out and finalised.
I know Jim Fletcher has taken over as the National Secretary from Bob Bourke after a very successful lengthy time in that positon.
Congratulations Jim.
At a later date Rob Hugo has been accepted into the Hall of Fame, Honour roll for services to the Hobby. Congratulations Rob. He has stepped down from all positions in the A.N.B.C. because of a few health problems. We wish him all the best.
On a sadder note Bob Bourke passed away late 2012. A secretary of note and a truly dedicated budgerigar hobbyist. A very sad loss.
2013 National competition is to be held in Toowoomba Queensland from the 14th. to the 20th. of June. New date, new format, new classes, new lot of young birds. Exciting.
Looking forward to it.

Leigh A Downey.
A.N.B.C. Historian.



South Queensland’s turn to decentralise this year for the National competition , to Toowoomba the Garden City. Very pretty City.
The 39th. A.N.B.C. Annual Championships staged in the magnificently restored Empire Theatre in the centre of Toowoomba. All social functions were held in the main function areas of the very lavish City Golf Club, also very centrally located and not far from the Theatre.
The Empire theatre had sufficient room areas behind the stage for all the teams holding cages and very secure. A restored church building attached allowed for a very light bright viewing area after Judging. Judging on the theatre stage where very pleasant semicircular seating allowed everyone a great viewing experience as the birds were judged. Most teams took advantage of the Thursday delivery of the birds to let them settle. Some minor problems with the holding area and also vet availability, but if all the zones followed the guidelines that have been laid down and successful for years these problems would not occur.
This year was the first of the two birds present and on the bench per zone per variety, with an increase in variety classes. In just about everyone’s opinion it was a huge backward step in Show spectacle. Also there seemed to be a lack of Interstate exhibitors making their way to the Show. If there was a scratching (and there was 20) in a class the Zone was defiantly penalised and the class looked incomplete. Even with the extra classes the Show was flat. Friday night with all the trade people in attendance were well received. The weekend was Officially opened by the Mayor of Toowoomba with a welcoming speech and a very encouraging message to all to enjoy their lovely City.
Saturday with the front of the Empire Theatre filled with a huge variety of trade stands, plenty of people in attendance for the Judging to get underway. While at the front of the stage the brilliant computer teams did their jobs excellently again including Luke Fletcher and partners live streaming to the World. This is growing into a multi State co operation into the successful running of this Excellent Show. It is a shame that certain elements for what ever reason continually have to mess with a proven formula, instead of enhancing the spectacle of a unique bird show.
There was plenty of seating close enough to adequately follow the Judging of the classes. The video streaming in house again proved if the camera is not operated by an experienced bird person it lacks.
Saturday evening dinner at the City Golf Club was a buffet affair. Pleasant but also seemed to suffer from lack of support as stated last year of attendees.
Sunday was a rush and a delay as the lights were not on early enough to allow the birds to eat prior to caging for the show and time had to be allowed. Again not following the protocol. When even number classes Judging began the Judges were rotated as now seems to be the norm. Victoria was holding a lead after day one. They were never headed and would up eventual winners by 47 points. Congratulation to Victoria a very convincing win.


bullet Victoria 537
bullet New South Wales 490
bullet South Queensland 465
bullet South Australia 323
bullet Western Australia 339
bullet North Queensland 310
bullet Tasmania 250

Points scores are higher because of the extra classes to 26 in all with one demo class of Dark eyed clears, no points awarded for this by product class of birds.
Multiple winners were again in the mix with Sheppard & Flanagan (Vic) along with Henry George (Sth. Qld) winning 3 classes each. Ian Hunter (Vic) winning 2 classes. With the rest a pretty even spread around the zones. Congratulations to these multi winners and all the other Individual winners. First place by zones were Victoria with 11. Sth. Queensland 8.(including the demo class). Western Australia 4, N.S.W. & Nth. & Central Queensland 2 each. South Australia & Tasmania failed to record a first place. The Judges for this year’s Championships were:
Saturday ; Odd Number Classes.
J. Bader (Vic) X L. Miller (Sth. Qld.) 32 A. Mc Cauley (N.S.W.) X G. Armstrong (W.A.) Sunday ; Even Number Classes. A.Mc Cauley (N.S.W.) X L. Miller (Sth. Qld.) J. Bader (Vic) X G. Armstrong ( W.A.) The electronic results were handled by Maureen Bourne ably backed up by Andrew , with Carol Gough doing the Judge’s comments, Rod Turnbull Photo’s all managing to transfer this wealth of information to Luke Fletcher for the Live streaming. A great job thank you to all again, as it is eagerly awaited around the country and the world. We hope the continual ever-changing and tinkering of the organisationleave this cohesive section of the organization alone. As it works very well.
The Auction on the Sunday afternoon at the completion of the Show is now an exciting integral part of the weekend as well as a good fund raiser for the host zone. There was plenty of interest ably handled by Peter Schellbach the local Auctioneer.
Next year is the second trial year of two birds present and two on the bench only and I am sure we are all hoping for a positive result and participation improves in the weekend. I find it hard to fathom who thinks up these schemes which manages to limit a lot of exhibitors getting a bird in their zone national team. Hence they do not go to the National Show.
Also the changing of the well proven date has also alienated quite a lot of people as there is still no respectable reason why this has occurred either. Moving the Show to the depths of winter in the middle of the school holidays, (more expensive accommodation) and putting the Zones selection weekend on a public holiday weekend. This also is a reason why people do not bother to attend their zone selection as they are compelled to attend family functions on that weekend.
Sunday nights, Presentation Dinner at the City Golf Club another buffet event. All presentations were achieved. We had the pleasure of the company of Gerd Bleicher (Germany) the W.B.O. President for his presentation to Warren Wilson for winning the W.B.O. Gould Award for his lifetime contribution to the Hobby. Congratulations Warren.
The Delegates met on the Monday and not a lot of business needed to be discussed. Main issue is the ring issue being changed back to their original distribution date 1st. January.
All other business is in the secretary’s report.
On a sadder note Bob Bourke has been posthumously inducted into the A.N.B.C. Hall of fame for services to the Hobby. But a very nice gesture.
We are now in the process of looking for a new ring supplier for 2015 onwards.
South Australia is the Venue for the Show in 2014 in the heart of Adelaide on another date weekend change. Everything will be held in the one Hotel complex where we look forward to resuming healthy competition again.

Leigh A. Downey.
A.N.B.C. Historian.



The Budgerigar Council of South Australia, hosted this year’s National Competition, the 40th. What a great job they did for such a small Council with limited membership.
Hotel Grand Chancellor on Hindley Street was the Venue for every major function associated with the competition as well as the two days of the show. All staged on the Hotels Function floor, which had ample room in the main Ballroom for the Judging and comfortable viewing of the birds during judging and off to the side the previously Judged classes. A very close secure holding area enabled easy efficient movement of the caged birds to and from the Ballroom. There was also plenty of space in the foyer for all Sponsors present to display their wares, and all in all a very pleasant Show.
This was the final year of the two bird trial with the increased classes. While the class increase was well received except the exhibition class, it was noted that the decrease back from twenty-one birds to fourteen detracted a little again and the classes which were not fully represented were quite obvious. It also does not help as exhibitors who had the reserve bird selected in their home zone and did not travel were conspicuous by their absence. Hopefully with the return of the three birds per class and all on the bench next year we will attract more exhibitors to attend and enjoy a great weekend in Budgerigars.
Friday night meet and greet, renewing of friendships went well, plenty of food and refreshments for all to enjoy. Most chose to sit at a table in their own groups and not mingle as much as in past meet & greet evenings, this did not stop all who attended having an enjoyable evening. The event was opened and it was reported all teams in the holding area were looking good, confirmed by a positive vet report. Most teams were in Thursday allowing the birds a full day of rest, which seems to be a great initiative and positive for the birds.
Saturday started well with minimum concerns from the carers and a good spread of keen enthusiastic exhibitors from all zones all seated and waiting for the Judging to begin. The two Judging teams were introduced. Nigel Tonkin (S.A.) partnering Stephen Mow (Vic.) and Linda Patten (New Zealand.) partnering Kevin O’Callaghan (North Queensland.). This I believe was the first time we have we have hosted a Judge from New Zealand at the A.N.B.C. Competition. Congratulations to Linda Patten. The Show was again backed up by a great multi state team of volunteers. Fabulous effort so congratulations again go to Maureen & Andrew Bourne (A.C.T.) on the computer, Rod Turnbull & James Bader (Vic.) photographers, Carol Gough (Sth. Qld.) deciphering and collating the Judge’s comments for the live streaming, and Luke Fletcher (Tassie) for his web live streaming to the world. Also the B.C.S.A. Organising Committee headed up by Nigel Tonkin and all his fellow contributors.
Odd numbered Classes on Saturday, Judged in good time. The in house video streaming was hampered by multi lighting and shadows, which also caused a few Judging problems as it unsettled the birds when moved from one end of the staging to the other. We all know it’s not easy.
Saturday evening dinner was in the Hotels main restaurant and unfortunately only 49 people attended on what was reported a lovely meal. Again I believe this function will have to be reviewed as to continuing to be a viable entertaining associated event included in the weekend.
Sunday morning everyone again in their seats for the resumption of competition with the even numbered classes to be Judged, N.S.W. was holding a slender lead from Vic. Judges were held in their same teams for the judging, no rotation. After the first hour Victoria had only picked up a few points and were scoring on par with N.S.W then Victoria gained the ascendency and were never headed winning by 37 points, 10 less than 2013 but a good win. Congratulations to Victoria and especially their team carers Bruce Wilson, Phil Hoadley, and James Bader. Also big thankyou to all the team carers, from every zone, as they could not afford anything to go wrong without the reserve birds.


bullet Victoria 539
bullet New South Wales 502
bullet South Australia 438
bullet South Queensland 368
bullet Western Australia 362
bullet Tasmania 269
bullet North Queensland 247

Again 27 Classes, point scoring for 26 classes and the Demo class. (Dark Eyed Clears)
Multiple winners were again in the mix with two wins each for the perennials Sheppard & Flanagan partnership (Vic.), Leigh Downey (Vic.), Mark Hawke (N.S.W.), and the Rowe Bros. (Vic.), one point scoring Class and the Exhibition Class. Congratulations to the multi winners, plus the individual winners . First place by Zones were; Vic. 10. N.S.W. 9. S.A. 3. Sth. Qld. 2. W.A. 2. Nth. Qld. 1. & Tassie just failed to record a first place.
The live streaming of results, photo’s, and comments was greatly received as far away as the U.K. and thousands of hits on the sight were recorded.
As the Show evolves now after the trials it can only become greater, with the extra classes and their improvement as exhibition budgerigars, so we should all work nationally harmoniously to make it an ongoing success and leave future tinkering alone. I commented on last year’s report as to date changes, associated with winter holidays, school holidays, more expensive accommodation, air travel etc. Plenty of exhibitors have also commented to me as to not being sufficiently informed as to these changes and also hope that the council listens to them and does not proceed with anymore changes except moving back to the last full weekend in May that worked so well for the majority for so many years.
I again attended the Colour and Standards meeting. Talking in circles again, year after year, not seeming to achieve much. The Judges meeting and presentation of a variety was the same from all reports. There are a few individualistic views that insist on being heard going on and on and achieve nothing of consequence to the enhancement of the hobby.
The Auction on the Sunday after the completion of the Judging is now a socially integral part of the weekend, eagerly awaited by all, after viewing the pairs over the two days, some very nice pairs of budgerigars were presented for sale. Peter Thurn gave of his time to auction the birds and add a bit of humour to a conclusion of a great day.
Sunday night’s Presentation Dinner was a great affair and very well supported. Not a huge amount of formalities but all handled with ease and in a short simple timeframe. The A.N.B.C. Secretary had the pleasure of Inducting Peter Thurn (Vic) into the Hall of Fame for showing excellence. By winning the Dilute class this year, he achieved seven wins and was duly inducted. A great feat congratulations Peter.
We conducted the auction of the A.N.B.C. Standard Budgerigar Framed Prints again to raise funds for Future National Shows, but I believe this Auction is now dead and should not be pursued anymore.
The A.N.B.C. Delegates met on the Monday and all the business and motions were dealt with I hope in an orderly manner.
We have a new ring registrar and supplier, there will be no coded rings for a 2015 issue, however the plan is to re-introduce them from 2016.
The Australian Capital Territory Budgerigar Association put forward a submission to the Delegates and was discussed at length and the Secretary is to reply in writing as to their decision. There were also a lot of redundant motions.
One tour was cancelled due to rough weather on the water, disappointing, but not everything can be controlled by committee, however there were discounted tours on offer for Victor Harbour and McLaren Vale, Barossa and Hahndorf Wine Experience, Adelaide City Highlights with optional add ons being Popeye Cruise to the Zoo and Giant Panda Viewing, Monarto Open Range Zoo Experience, Kangaroo Island Highlights and River Murray Highlights.
Monday evenings entertainment was a Lecture by Daniel Lutolf from Switzerland a very successful breeder and exhibitor in recent years in Europe. This was well supported by around 200 people and I believe it was quite informative in the breeding of budgerigars as to enhancement of particular styles and shapes required for the current exhibition budgerigar.
Western Australia is the host zone for 2015 and their location is Mandurah, south of Perth in a lovely area of W.A. Mandurah Convention Centre is the location for the National Competition with plenty of accommodation within walking distance, so it should be great. Something to look forward to and don’t forget three birds on the bench in all classes so bigger and better all round.

Leigh A Downey.
ANBC. Historian.



It was the Western Australian Budgerigar Council’s turn to host the National Competition this year with the emphasis on expansion. Twenty Seven Classes again including a demonstration Class of the dark-eyed clears with no points included. Back to three birds per class, meaning a total of 81 birds per zone by seven zones, to be accommodated. 567 Birds if all classes filled. We were 5 short. A great result. Making it an outstanding weekend exhibition of Budgerigars. After having the Venue pulled out from under them well into their organising , it was a credit to Gina House, Jan McMahon, and all the W.A. members that contributed to the successful relocation of the Show to the Football Club Grandstand and turned a negative into a great positive weekend. Congratulations to them for not giving up and presenting a successful enjoyable weekend.
Judging was changed to accommodate slight area restrictions placed on viewing of judged classes. Starting half an hour earlier on Saturday morning and having a lunch break to allow a change-over of Classes by the team carers for an afternoon Judging session. Sunday morning Judging session also an earlier start. This change to the format was warmly accepted and worked quite well. Congratulations to all the team carers who accepted the changes and worked extremely hard to make the Show the success it was. Two stages of 21 birds each a great looking Show.
All teams chose to arrive on Thursday, with one being extremely late. Some things like airline timetables cannot be controlled. The birds do well with a full day of recovery after their long haul. The Vet’s report was all good.
Friday night meet and greet, renewing of friendships was completely different, being a night out at the local greyhound meeting. A beautiful meal was provided and transport to and from. There was no Official opening which would have been a bit hard in a public domain. The Officiating Judges were presented to the Exhibitors on the Saturday morning. As stated demands on Judging meant the show started earlier but this did’nt worry the large attentive audience. The Judges were introduced by another volunteer, the M.C. for the weekend Dave Ganzer from Sth.Qld. Everyone either offered or just pitched in which is a great budgie family attitude. Backing up again were Maureen & Andrew Bourne (ACT) on the computers with Rod Turnbull & James Bader (VIC) photographers, Carol & Keith Gough (STH. QLD) collating and transferring the Judge’s comments along with the photo’s to Luke Fletcher (TAS) for his terrific live streaming to the world. Also all the W.A. members as Show manager and stewards moving the birds.
The Judging teams for the morning were introduced being Neale Love (STH.QLD) & Allan Michael (UK.) first time judging in Australia. Gary Gazzard (N.S.W) & Gary Armstrong (W.A) . Odd numbered classes with five classes each team, an hour and a half break for lunch then four classes for each team with the judges changing around, with Neale Love & Allan Michael, and Gary Gazzard & Gary Armstrong pairing. After 18 classes Victoria held a slender lead. Viewing and bird change overs from morning to afternoon went smoothly. The in house video was again hampered by lighting and shadows and a power black-out did’nt help but everyone accepted these little bumps in the show and just moved on.
Saturday evening dinner at The Stage Door restaurant was a very pleasant affair but not extremely well supported.
Sunday early start again with all seated and ready for the final classes hoping Victoria can hang onto the lead despite Henry George (STH. QLD) trying to collar all the first place points. With nine classes to go judging pairs were Neale Love & Gary Armstrong, and Gary Gazzard & Allan Michael. Victoria leapt away on the morning and eventually ran out convincing winners by 60 points followed by South Queensland, or should I say Henry George. He walked away with 7 first places a brilliant display. A record which will take some beating. If he was’nt already in the hall of fame for exhibitor status Henry achieved the requirement in two days, a great effort. Two other partnerships managed dual wins. Kakoschke & Rice (S.A) already in the hall of fame, and C. & B. Gearing which took them to eight wins and admission to the hall of fame. Seven is the entry minimum. Congratulations to these three and all the other individual Logie winners.
Congratulations to all the Victorian exhibitors, with seven Logie winners and five first time winners. Their team carers Bruce Wilson, Phil Hoadley, and James Bader. In fact all the team carers from every zone. They all managed to handle the different show structure and necessary changes admirably, in what was a very stressful weekend especially W.A. people.
The now firmly entrenched Auction was held on the Sunday afternoon and the quality of birds were good but it did not relate to the punters who in the main kept their hands firmly in their pockets making the auctioneer work extremely hard.


bullet Victoria 538
bullet South Queensland 472
bullet New South Wales 457
bullet South Australia 374
bullet Tasmania 315
bullet Western Australia 314
bullet North Queensland 257

Again 27 Classes. Point scoring for 26 classes and the Demo class. ( Dark eyed clears.)
Multiple winners were again present but dominated by Henry George (STH.QLD) with 7 first places, followed up by Kakoschke & Rice (S.A) and C & B Gearing (W.A) both with 2 first places each. 16 Individual winners giving exhibitors a wide spread of Logie distribution.
Congratulations to the Judges Neale Love (STH.QLD), Gary Gazzard (NSW), Gary Armstrong (W.A), and Allan Michael from the U.K.
The live streaming of results, photos, and comments was greatly received as far away as the U.K. and thousands of hits on the sight were recorded again.
Sunday nights Presentation Dinner at the Football Stadium Venue was a very pleasant affair with the Official program, sponsors acknowledged Logies presented in a timely manner. The A.N.B.C. Secretary (Jim Fletcher retiring) had the pleasure of introducing the latest two judges who passed the National Judges requirements. Mr Peter Thurn, and Mr Rod Turnbull, both Victorians.
My apologies, to Mr Scott Erickson (NTH.&Central QLD.) who achieved National Judges status last year.
Also present to be inducted into the hall of fame was the partnership of C.& B. Gearing.
Everything went exceptionally well from a major disruption to a very well organised weekend of events right down to the bus transportation to and from all activities.
I did not have to attend the Colour and Standards meeting this year. All items on the agenda were capably handled by the co-ordinator and the respective zone representatives, through the email prior to the competition weekend and positive results achieved making a meeting obsolete and a successful report tabled. No more talking in circles again just to hear the sound of your own voice. The Judges meeting was convoluted and a bit long winded again. We have a new judges co-ordinator in James Bader, taking over from Alistair Home. The A.N.B.C. Delegates met on the Monday as is the requirement and quite a few notices of business were dealt with. New President as is the norm, new Secretary jury still out on that one.
We have a new ring supplier with good quality samples supplied and coded rings back in the mix, and a very keen purchase price. The Australian Capital Territory Budgerigar Association put forward a short verbal submission before a vote was taken as to their admission into the A.N.B.C. The motion was defeated. There were also a few redundant motions mainly about the yellow-face standard. The constitution is to be reviewed to bring it up to modern current requirements. All business was handled in an efficient time frame to everyone’s satisfaction.
There were tours on offer but all were cancelled due to lack of support. There is an old adage here that goes you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. Shame. But in hindsight the Budgie widows from Victoria my wife included had a lovely boat tour around the canals of Mandurah while also including lunch on Saturday and Sunday so they say thank-you for that.
Monday evenings entertainment was a discussion by Allan Michael (U.K) and I believe it was not greatly supported but I am sure it would have been informative and entertaining. I am sure all who attended would have taken something out of it. All in all a great big weekend organized by a little group of very dedicated Budgie people. Tasmania is the venue for 2016 right in the heart of Hobart. All in the one venue the Grand Chancellor Hotel. Also with plenty of accommodation around the central area. Three birds on the bench also so another big show.

Leigh A Downey.
ANBC. Historian.




The Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre was the venue for the 43rd. National Championship Show on the fourth weekend in May. A return to the traditional weekend,  that has worked so well for over three decades.  The expanded Twenty Seven Classes again including a demonstration Class of the dark-eyed clears with no points allocated this year to them.  We were short one Zone as Western Australia chose not to enter a team because logistics getting there and back just became too hard. It was also over thirty years that we have not had the seven zone s competing.  Some great result were achieved including B.S.N.S.W. wresting the Shield from the B.C.V. with a resounding win. Congratulations to B.S.N.S.W. and all their exhibitors and volunteers for presenting a great team of Budgerigars. It was another outstanding weekend of exhibition Budgerigars put together by a very small team of dedicated workers. Congratulations to all. Friday night meet and great was in the Mackay Grand Suites hotel the chosen hotel for accommodation, and also the Saturday night dinner which was well supported and seems to be making a comeback. The large areas in the Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre made for pleasant viewing of the Judging on Saturday and Sunday while allowing a lovely large separate area for the Sunday presentation dinner. All within walking distance in a very agreeable climate.

There was no changing to the Judging format as per previously trialled over the last two years as it is a host Zones call whether they switch Judges or not. Saturday morning we had nine classes including the demonstration class. After a break for lunch the remaining odd number classes plus three of the even numbered classes, leaving nine classes for Sunday. There is a lot more work for the team carers between changeover but they are coping .Afternoon Judging session was completed a little late but acceptable, although a big day. Sunday morning Judging off to a flyer and completed in good time . This change to the format again was warmly accepted and worked quite well. Congratulations to all the team carers who accepted the changes and worked extremely hard to make the Show the success it was.

Most teams chose to arrive on Thursday, again. Some things like airline timetables cannot be controlled and we just have to work around. The birds do well with a full day of recovery after their long haul. There was no reports of off colour birds.

Friday night Official opening, meet and mingle, was opened a Mackay councillor who was very supportive and pleased to have a large group of people visit his warm city and State. There was a great number of people supporting this event and everyone had a good time. As is now the custom the Officiating Judges were presented to the Exhibitors and guests. The Judges were introduced by Russell Ogden their current President, and the M.C. for the weekend Dave Ganzer from Sth.Qld. Everyone either offered or just pitched in which is a great budgie family attitude. Backing up again were Maureen & Andrew Bourne (ACT) on the computers with Rod Turnbull & James Bader (VIC) photographers, Carol & Keith Gough (STH. QLD) collating and transferring the Judge’s comments along with the photo’s to Luke Fletcher (TAS) for his improved live streaming to the world. Also all the North Queensland members who contributed to the weekend.


 The Judging teams were introduced being Alan Rowe (B.C.V.) with Neale Love (S.Q.B.B.A.) while Jim Fletcher (TAS.) partnered Errol Miller (S.Q.B.B.A). Odd numbered classes by eight and exhibition class. About a two hour break for lunch then the final six uneven classes and three even numbered classes rounding out the day. There saw no judges changed around. After 17 classes N.S.W. held a slender lead. Viewing and bird change overs from morning to afternoon went smoothly.  The in house video and scoring put up quickly worked beautifully. The 18th. class does not score.                                                                  

     Sunday morning and away we go again with N.S.W. holding onto a good lead. With nine classes to go N.S.W. moved away on the morning and eventually ran out convincing winners by 29 points followed by VIC.

 J. Leong (Vic) was successful in winning,  two sections which elevated him into the Hall of Fame with seven wins including four in the Lutino class.  Congratulations to all the winners.                                          

 Congratulations to all the N.S.W. exhibitors, with eleven Logie winners. Their team carers for presenting their team in immaculate condition. In fact all the team carers from every zone. They all managed to handle the different show structure well and in a positive manner making the show a great spectacle  for all to enjoy. The now firmly entrenched Auction was held on the Sunday afternoon and the quality of birds were good and so was the prices.

Final Results.       1. N.S.W.            442.                                     

                         2.  VIC.              413.

                         3. STH.QLD.        389.

                         4. NTH. Qld.        286.

                         5. S.A.               284.

                         6. TASSIE.          208.

Again 27 Classes. Point scoring for 26 classes and the Demo class (Not eligible for hall of fame scoring.) ( Dark eyed clears.)

Multiple winners were again present but the show was dominated by New South Wales with 11 first places. Three dual first place winners. Leaving 21 Individual winners giving exhibitors a wide spread of Logie distribution.

Congratulations to the Judges Alan Rowe (Vic), Jim Fletcher (Tassie), Neale Love (Sth. Qld), and Errol Miller ( Sth Qld.)

The live streaming of results, photos, and comments was greatly received as far away as the U.K. and thousands of hits on the sight were recorded again.

Sunday night’s Presentation Dinner in the Mackay Entertainment & Convention centre was impressively set up for a great evening. A very nice table served meal.  The Official program sponsors acknowledged Logies presented all in a timely manner. The A.N.B.C. Secretary Leigh Downey had the pleasure of awarding the presiding judges on the weekend with their commemorative plaques for their work in Judging the weekends competition. Also awarding the Hall of Fame certificate, for exhibitor excellence to Jeffrey Leong.   

Everything went exceptionally well for the Queensland North & Central Zone  Budgerigar .

The colour & Standards business was decided at their meeting on Sunday afternoon and approved by the Delegates on Monday.  A new provisional standard for the Australian White Cap was also adjusted and accepted.

The Judges meeting I believe it was positive and a good outcome being received.

The A.N.B.C. Delegates met on the Monday as is the requirement and quite a few notices of business were dealt with. Russell Ogden Presided, same secretary. The ring point of ordering last year worked extremely well.  

 There is to be an electronic move into the management of the A.N.B.C. in the ensuing year so positives can be achieved quicker and more efficiently.  All business was handled in a very satisfactory time frame and everyone left happy.

There were some nice tours on offer around Mackay along with plenty of attractions in the region.

A very well planned, great weekend in Mackay. Again congratulations to the Queensland North & Central Zone Budgerigar Council. Especially Scott Eriksen , Russell Ogden for a hugely successful event.  Penrith N.S.W. is the location for 2018 and everyone is looking forward to challenging B.S.N.S.W. for bragging rights. Hopefully with a positive return of W.A.B.C.

Leigh A. Downey.

ANBC Historian