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2001  TO  2010


  Hosted by the Western Australian Budgerigar Council, this years show was held at Fremantle. The social functions were all well run and met with approval from visitors and fanciers.

The two day show is now accepted by most. The one day show is still an option for member bodies and some will have to exercise this option due to local problems in trying to run the two day event.

The new style scoreboard proved to be a popular innovation, electronic scoring was used for the first time and it is hoped this will be a normal procedure in the future.

A problem arose when the Tasmanian team arrived at the airport. Sadly some of their team were found dead when the team handlers opened the travel cage. Post-mortem examinations revealed the birds died of asphyxiation. This has caused member bodies to look more closely at the ventilation available, to allow cross ventilation and sufficient air for the birds to travel safely. Fanciers and hosts all expressed their sympathy to the Tasmanians.

Seven thousand dollars was raised via the ring levy towards the running of this year’s show and the same amount is to be forwarded to the hosts for the future Championship shows.

The ANBC is now a member of the ABA and is now covered by their public liability insurance scheme.

The ANBC secretary is to be the delegate representing the ANBC at ABA meetings.

A three year record of the colours benched in the normal green and the normal blue series has revealed the following for the year 2000:- ten grey greens and four other greens, eleven greys and three other blues further results are to be recorded.

Incorporation has been regarded as an essential protection for member’s bodies to guard against liability in the case of accidents. The council has decided to incorporate in the ACT.

Victoria winning the competition for the sixth year in succession.

The clear wing class created some controversy this created some concern and due to this a workshop for judges on clear wings is to be held in Tasmania 2002.


bullet Victoria 361
bullet New South Wales 342
bullet South Queensland 331
bullet Tasmania 268
bullet South Australia 214
bullet North & Central Queensland 188
bullet Western Australia 185



  The Tasmanians again hosted a well run and successful show held at The Wrest Point Casino in Hobart.  The Friday night reception was held on board a Ferryboat on The Derwent River, something different and well received by visiting fanciers.  The dinners and trips were all well planned and certainly of interest to all who took advantage of these occasions.
  The setting and location for The Championship Show was perfect with plenty of room and good even lighting, judges and spectators were all well catered for.
  ANBC guests were Ghalib Al-Nasser and his wife Janice, both gave very interesting talks and attended various sub committee meetings.  Their friendly and warm personalities made them very welcome guests.  Comments and suggestions from both Ghalib and Janice were well received and it is hoped we can see them both again in the near future. 
  Three year survey re the numbers of Greyseries birds exhibited in the normal classes has revealed the following statistics Greygreens 30 Greys 26 against 12 Greens and 16 Blues.  These statistics prompted The Council to approve a motion to add two further classes to the Championship Show, ie Grey and Greygreen to be separated from the normal Greens and normal Blue classes from the year 2004. 
  The Crest variety is to be included in the point score starting in the year 2003. 
  The Clear body variety to be exhibited as an exhibition variety for 3 years starting in the year 2003 with a revue after 2004 to consider making this variety a permanent Championship class.
Motions to alter the ring issue date and the age of birds eligible for The Championship Show both were defeated.
  No response from the states who have hosted the two day show in regard to a request from Council re the running of the two day show.
  A plastic show cage presented to Council, more information to be presented.
  The ANBC registration, as an incorporation required and Australian Registered Body Number to cover The Championship show in all states.  Advice given to the secretary from the N.S.W. and  ACT Registrars  departments and legal under the ASIC act.
  Mr Leigh Downey and Mr Colin Flanagan were granted permission to represent ANBC at the W.B.O. A.G.M. and report back to council at the 2003 meeting.
  Mr Bruce Bradford’s term of office as the ANBC Secretary was extended for another twelve months.
  Ms Debbie Ham is now The Website Manager and will be paid a $200 maintenance fee on a yearly base.
  The Budgerigar Rare and Specialist Exhibitors of Australia are now another welcomed sponsor who were responsible for bringing Ghalib and Janice Al Nasser to Australia.
  A Clearwing – Greywing workshop was held, however the decision arrived at by The National Judges Panel did not meet with approval from many Clearwing breeders.
 The officiating judges were Mark Bridgeman from Victoria, Allen McCauley N.S.W. and Malcolm Loveridge S.A. and Kevin O’Callaghan N.Q.


bullet Victoria 364
bullet New South Wales 338
bullet South Queensland 304
bullet Western Australia 246
bullet Tasmania 221
bullet South Australia 217
bullet North Queensland 200



  North and Central Queensland hosted this year’s Championship at the Colonial Club Resort in Cairns. This venue has proved to be the most popular of the venues where we have held the Championship Show.  The main comment from visiting fanciers was to praise the help, hospitality and overall friendliness of the hosts. Every person interviewed commenced their comments with, “ Our hosts were wonderful and went to great lengths to ensure we enjoyed ourselves.”
  The show was run as a one day event and the North Queenslanders can be congratulated on proving one day shows can still be run successfully. Most visitors enjoyed being able to view the host’s selection show.  Delegates were pleased not to have subcommittees squeezed into a restricted timetable. The only adverse comments were made on the time allowed to view the exhibits, but the majority of visitors felt they had enough time.
  The excursions were all given high praise and the impression  was that everyone who had the good fortune to attend would be back again.  During the last coach excursion Joyce West, the wife of our late Secretary Brian West advised the members this would be her last national.  Her attendance at these shows has been regular and her absence will be felt by all who know her as a hard worker and ambassador for budgerigars and North Queensland.
  The best news for the Championships was the number of specialist clubs and commercial enterprises willing to support the event with cash donations, the Clearwing, Crest and Pied Societies all coming forward with cash donations.  Golden Cob have pledged a seven year support for the Championship along  with paying the Membership fee to the World Budgerigar Organisation.  This support along with the increased ring levy puts the ANBC in a very healthy position.
  This year marks the end of popular secretary Bruce Bradford’s long term of office (over an eight year period) and Alistair Home has taken over the position.  Thanks and well wishes were all put forward in motions and personal approaches.
Council discussed many issues from plastic strips to creating a Hall of Fame.  The significant issues were:

bullet Plastic strips on the front of cages raise the question of ventilation and difficulties when trying to judge the birds.
bullet The election of a National Executive was mainly a procedural item, however the ANBC President could best serve the coming event if elected from next year’s host.
bullet The issue of overseas judges officiating at the Championship Show was soundly defeated.  However, encouragement was given to those member bodies who wish to use these judges at state level.
bullet A unanimous decision to have the Clearbody variety compete for points at the 2004 show was well received by all.
bullet Council gave approval for an Honour Roll or hall of Fame to be estanblished with Peter Glassenbury given the task of establishing the criteria in consultation with Alistair Home.
bullet The BSNSW, next year’s host, for the 30th Anniversary Show have been given permission to honour the “Founding Fathers”.

  The new Standard for Budgerigars produced under the guidance of Bob Bourke was completed and presented to Council for permission to go to print.  This was approved and as we approach the 2004 Championship the Standard has been issued to all member bodies.
  Victoria has now won seventeen Championships, the last eight in a row.  NSW and South Queensland seem to have settled into second and third places, but the other four members have interesting tussles each year with the outcome never known till the last class is judged.
  This year’s officiating judges were:-
Steven Mow (Victoria), Graham Tuthill (Tasmania), John Bowgett (North Queensland) and Peter Glassenbury (SouthAustralia).


bullet Victoria 385
bullet New South Wales 361
bullet South Queensland 350
bullet Western Australia 290
bullet Tasmania 242
bullet South Australia 195
bullet North Queensland 172



  New South Wales hosted this years Championship Show at Coffs Harbour in Northern N.S.W. The move away from the capital city proving to be popular with the visitors and local fanciers.
  The BSNSW were extremely grateful to the BCV for allowing N.S.W. to go out of turn thereby combining The BSNSW fiftieth anniversary with the thirtieth anniversary of the ANBC, The Saturday and Sunday dinners were used to acknowledge The life members of the BSNSW and also the founding fathers of the ANBC, in addition an auction of a cricket bat signed by Matthew Hayden was staged to raise money for the 2005 championship show. BSNSW members hope their initiative in running an auction of this kind will be the start of a continuing tradition.
  The council decided to establish a trophy to be given to class winners each year, South Australia and Victoria to produce the proto type. A decision to review and possibly change the style of the trophy every seven years was also agreed to. The hall of fame has now been established and put in place, the agreed criteria being seven class wins or four wins in the same class. These awards were presented at the Sunday night dinner. The following fanciers being inducted into the hall of fame:

   H. George - 23 wins

   I. Hanington - 13 wins including 7 in the fallow class
   K. Kakoschke - 11 wins
   Sheppard & Flannagan - 9 wins
   J. Tanner - 8 wins
   A. Rowe - 8 wins
   A & C Druery - 8 wins
  These awards were calculated from 1983 onwards as all zones were competing from this year. The fanciers acknowledged as establishing this information were Peter Glassenbury South Australia, Alistair Home Tasmania and Ron Hunt New South Wales.
A decision to alter the criteria for electing the president of the ANBC was agreed to, the old system of the current host providing the president for the next year has been replaced by the next years host providing the president. This allowed Warren Wilson New South Wales to step down after the 1st July, 2004 and Leigh Downey would then take over until after the 2005 Championship Show held in Victoria.
  Office bearers also elected by the council were ANBC Secretary Alistair Home, Public Officer Dave Butters, ANBC Historian Ron Hunt.
  This years show was a two day event with the usual problem of insufficient time for the various sub committees to meet, this problem was the only down side to this years event.
  The eight year record winning streak of the Victorians came to an end this year with New South Wales winning with a record number of class wins. Thirteen class wins were recorded by New South Wales fanciers surpassing their previous best. Judges for this years show were, Alan Baxter Victoria, Peter Dodd New South Wales, Jim Fletcher Tasmania and Henry George South Queensland.


bullet New South Wales 464
bullet Victoria 415
bullet South Queensland 400
bullet Western Australia 286
bullet Tasmania 262
bullet South Australia 246
bullet North Queensland 237



  Hosted this year by the Budgerigar Council of Victoria at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Prior to this event many people were concerned about being in the capital city, parking and mobility were two of the major concerns. Once underway these concerns were found to be of no real issue. Those of us who found the actual venue a bit pricy were pleased with the location of the alternative accommodation and visitors who drove to Melbourne left their cars in their parking place and walked to the Convention Centre. Many visitors walking to the Centre were caught up in the atmosphere created by the crowds going to the various football venues and this added to the excitement of going to our own Budgerigar Championship. The rooms where the dinner functions were held were spacious and added a touch of class to the occasion. The day trips proved to be interesting and entertaining, the only down side was the cost but most visitors felt the final result was worth the effort and enjoyed their stay in Melbourne.

The ANBC elections were held with the following results:
   President        Dave Ganzer    South Queensland
   Secretary       Bob Bourke      New South Wales
   Public Officer   Dave Butters   A.C.T.
   Historian         Ron Hunt        New South Wales

A third person was elected for the first time to the executive position, Leigh Downey as past president filled this role.
Mr Bruce Bradford has indicated his willingness to continue as the ABA delegate. Debbie Ham indicated she would not be able to continue as the web master and her elected replacement was Steve Campbell. Two more fanciers were elected to the hall of fame, Gary Gazzard N.S.W. and the partnership of Graham and Marlene Tuthill Tasmania were the recipients of this honour.
Council decided to purchase the cut glass with rosewood base trophy as the championship trophy. Six years supply to be purchased from the N.S.W. supplier, the secretary Bob Bourke to follow up.
The controversial item from the Colour and Standards Committee was the paper presented by John Mulley re the reorganising of The Matrix to allow the yellow face mutation more prominence. This was voted on by the member bodies before the 1st October 2005 and defeated 6-1.
Rob Hugo was elected as co-ordinator of Colour and Standards.
The council voted 4-3 to allow international judges to be invited to adjudicate at the ANBC championship show. This decision certainly caused a ripple through the fancy, not all favourable!!
This years show for the first time was judged by three panels of two judges and was very successful, however it should be noted that the show hall was large enough to allow this to work successfully and the use of TV monitors enabled fanciers at the back of the hall to follow proceedings. The hall also allowed for plenty of space to stage the birds after judging and visitors could move freely.
around the exhibits. The officiating judges were Neale Love South Queensland, Ian Schneider North Queensland, Derek Poole Tasmania, Roy Blair Tasmania, Lloyd Richardson Victoria and Russell Keane New South Wales. Blair and Poole were the first partnership of National Judges where both were invited to judge the same National Show.
N.S.W. won this years event to make it two back to back for the second time.


bullet New South Wales 482
bullet Victoria 393
bullet South Queensland 377
bullet Tasmania 317
bullet South Australia 294
bullet Western Australia 266
bullet North Central Queensland 81



   It was South Queensland Budgerigar Breeders Associations turn to host the ANBC Championships this year. The Venue was Rydges Resort Caloundra, centrally located, large and able to accommodate all functions, very efficiently. The down side was the size of the Judging viewing auditorium and the lighting, over the exhibits as they were being judged. Caloundra is located in a very beautiful part of the Country, the tempid weather, the very well supported, and from all reports, thoroughly enjoyed day trips and extra evenings of entertainment made this national a most popular event. The aviary excursion proved very popular and was well patronised. Everybody enjoyed their time, and appreciated the effort of the South Queensland Budgerigar Breeders Association in organising the week’s events.
These Championship Shows are going from strength to strength in popularity and are testimony to the effort of all associated with the event.

The A.N.B.C. Elections were held at the Delegates meeting on the Monday with the following results:
   President        Nigel Tonkin    S.A.
   Secretary       Bob Bourke      New South Wales
   Public Officer   Dave Butters   A.C.T.
   Historian         Leigh Downey   VIC.

Dave Ganzer (Sth. Qld.) is the third person on the Executive for the ensuing year.
A.B.A. Delegate is Bruce Bradford. N.S.W.
  I have taken over as the Historian from Ron Hunt, so I hope I can follow as well in his footsteps and I thank Ron for his time and commitment as our Historian.
The ANBC Championship Trophy’s awarded for the first year of the six year time frame were very well received.
  This show is historically the beginning of a new concept, after 31 years, was a first with an International Judge officiating. We were delighted to witness the Judging performance of the highly credentialed Jeff Attwood from the U.K. As a polished raconteur, his lectures were immensely popular and as always very entertaining, and highly educational in the art of the Budgerigar hobby.
  The major motion passed at the Council meeting 4 for 3 against, was the moving forward of the ring issue date to the 1st September of the previous year. 2007 young birds, for ring issue 2008. This allows for three months extra growing time for the young birds for the 2009 National Championship Challenge Show.Some other motions that seem to appear with regular monotony, again failed. Good.
This weekend show was back to the two day format and was adequately spaced time wise to allow all the other activities to be accommodated at a relaxed pace. Which was pleasing.
The viewing of the birds after Judging will always be a crowded affair as soon as they are opened at the availability of the classes, but with a bit of patience everyone managed to see every bird.
The officiating judges were Jeff Attwood, United Kingdom, Alan Rowe, Victoria, Gary Gazzard, New South Wales, and Neville Spencer, South Queenslad.
Tasmania’s Graeme & Marlene Tuthill retired from Exhibiting Budgerigars this year and went out on a high being successful and winning three classes. Congratulations on a magnificent year and also a magnificent career in the hobby. New South Wales won again to be three in a row with a magnificent team of perfectly presented budgerigars. Winning eleven classes a great effort.

  Another area of interest is the ongoing diologue with the BSNZ who may well in the near future apply to affiliate with the ANBC and to nominate candidates to sit the ANBC National Judges’ Accreditation Examination. There is continuing dialogue between the ANBC and the BSNZ to foster co-operation across the Tasman between the two organizations. The very welcome NZ contingent is growing from year to year and adding to the spirit of this wonderful annual event.


bullet New South Wales 484
bullet Victoria 418
bullet South Queensland 392
bullet Tasmania 318
bullet Western Australia 254
bullet South Australia 231
bullet North & Central Queensland 213



   The Championships, this year were hosted by the South Australian Budgerigar Council at their very reliable Venue. Allan Scott Park, more commonly known as the Morphettville Race Course. A very easy find ample parking most accommodating auditorium. Plenty of space to view the birds with the added advantage of their in house television net work, enabling people to view the judging from any area. The Sunday night presentation dinner with an excellent menu, at the same venue shows the true worth of working with well organized professional entities.
It was unfortunate that some of the other social arrangements did not meet peoples desired expectations, and cast a minor cloud over the whole proceedings. However we are all there for the Birds, the Competition, the Friendships, with all like minded people and the chance to view the best of the best the Budgerigar fraternity has to offer Nationally.
The Championships were strongly supported from all zones of Australia, as we go from strength to strength.

The A.N.B.C. Elections were held at the Delegates meeting on the Monday with the following results:
    President        Gina House    W.A.
    Secretary       Bob Bourke      New South Wales
    Public Officer   Dave Butters   A.C.T.
    Historian         Leigh Downey   VIC.

Nigel Tonkin (S.A.) is the third person on the Executive for the ensuing year.
Gina House is our first ever Lady President, congratulations Gina.
Bruce Bradford (N.S.W.) remains as the A.B.A. Delegate.
Rob Hugo (W.A.) remains also as the Colour & Standards Co-Ordinator.
Peter Glassenbury (S.A.) is the new National Judges Co-Ordinator taking over from Russell Keane (N.S.W.). We thank Russell for his time and commitment to this important position.

The main issue at the Delegates meeting was the Affiliation of the Budgerigar Society of New Zealand to the A.N.B.C. Finally sanity prevailed and they were accepted. The affiliation annual fee set, and the way was paved for New Zealand to adopt our Written Standard of the Budgerigar, and allow two candidates to sit the National Judges Exam on 2008.
Welcome New Zealand.
Secondly the ring issue date is to remain at January the 1st.
We are moving more to the era of Electronics as has been seen by the excess of emails the Secretary has had to endure. One wonders the relevance of that quantity of correspondence required in our hobby.
The weekend of Birds, Lectures, and Forums, was well defined and well spaced with ease of viewing of the Judging, the Judged Classes, and the Lectures.
The show was well supported by the trade stands with something for everyone.
The new concept continued with a second International Judge Officiating as one of the panel.
Marcel Buhler from Switzerland stepped into judge at obviously a very different format to his usual. He also provided two power point lectures, which were well received.
The teams of Officiating Judges were Mark Bridgeman (Vic) with Marcel Buhler (Swd) Nigel Tonkin (S.A) with Kevin O’Callaghan (Nth.&Ctl.Qld)
The show will be remembered more for the unfortunates, than the successes as it had the highest disqualifications in any National Show. Very technical Judgements adhering to the relevant clauses in the Standard. Not totally accepted by some exhibitors present.
Of the twenty two classes, and the exhibition class (non point scoring) all were won by different exhibitors representing their respective zones. A great result congratulations all.
We were also entertained as part of the weekend program by a Panel night which included Marcel Buhler, his bird partner Ron Pierce (UK), Rick Watts (UK) , Alan Gamble (NZ) and Warren Wilson (N.S.W), M.C. Nigel Tonkin (S.A) The format was well received and the knowledge imparted by all especially the Northern Hemisphere contingent made for a very informative enjoyable evening of entertainment.
Victoria was judged the winners coming out on top ending a winning streak of three years by N.S.W. It was a very close result.
Congratulations Victoria.
The controversial judging will be remembered for quite a while, but one hope is that this does not effect the continuing harmonious growth of this wonderful annual event, and the National now International friendships that are forged from it and the wonderful little bird that makes it all happen.


bullet Victoria 433
bullet New South Wales 428
bullet South Queensland 381
bullet Western Australia 304
bullet South Australia 302
bullet Tasmania 265
bullet North & Central Queensland 185



   Western Australian Budgerigar Council (WABC) was the host this year for the National Competition. After a tumultuous year in the west throwing the organising committee completely offside with the Original venue being sold out from under them, they were forced to look elsewhere promptly for an alternative venue. As all who have been involved with organising a National weekend know full well that it takes in excess of twelve months of planning. WABC chose the Geographe Resort situated on Geographic Bay, Busselton. A beautiful part of Australia. In the short space of time the Resort worked with Gina and the executive of the WABC to enable them to provide for all of the Australian Budgerigar fanciers a memorable weekend, successful in all aspects of the National Competition and the associated social activities. These were well up to the high standard we have come to expect.
There were also many volunteers from other zones who put their hands up to work at the show helping out WABC and ensuring a very well organised and smooth show. A great communal atmosphere for the enjoyment of everyone. Although the restrictions by Quarantine controls created a mild hurdle, and the distance from the airport in Perth to the venue was considerable, all seemed to be overcome and the birds from all reports travelled well to and from the show. The fanciers also came to enjoy a great weekend of budgies and a week of lovely tours as well. Congratulations to the WABC for a very successful National.

The A.N.B.C. Elections were held at the delegates meeting on the Monday with the following results.
   President.          Jim Fletcher.        Tasmania.
   Secretary.          Bob Bourke.         N.S.W.
   Public Officer.      Dave Butters.      A.C.T.
   Historian.            Leigh Downey.     VIC.
   Web Master.       Steve Campbell.   VIC.

The Executive this year is the President, Secretary, and the immediate past President, Gina House.
   Colour and Standards Co-Coordinator   Rob Hugo.             W.A.
   A.B.A. Delegate.                               Bruce Bradford.      N.S.W.
   National Judges Co-Coordinator.          Peter Glassenbury.  S.A.

There was not a large amount of business to be discussed, with the main item being the ring issue date. This is now to be the 1st. September commencing 2010.
There were no New Zealand candidates for the National Judges test. Maybe next year.
The weekend started with rain, but it did not dampen the spirit once everyone had arrived and renewed acquaintances. Friday night meet and greet was again very well patronised causing the organising team a few problems with catering and accommodating everyone. They sorted through it with just a few delays.
Saturday and on with the show, the birds, Lectures, forums, and the now traditional Auction, all well spaced defined and a pleasure for all who attended. A few trade stands and a cosy bar rounded everything out. Saturday night’s dinner dance and Sunday night’s presentation dinner were well supported and very nice. Congratulations to the staff as both of these events were logistically labour intensive.
For the third year in a row we were treated to an International Judge. Janice Al Nasser, who has a very impressive CV, was one of the officiating Judges. The current President of the B.S. England, a WBO Judge, English Judge and a budgie breeder of note in partnership with her husband Ghalib. Janice also gave a very informative lecture, and a slide show including some magnificent European birds.

The teams of Officiating Judges were:
Janice Al Nasser U.K. with Henry George Sth. Qld.
Peter Glassenbury S.A. with Derek Poole Tas.

The show was judged, as is the norm now, over two days in Great Spirit to a full auditorium of interested spectators, right to the very last class. A truly close and seesawing competition. The room provided for the public viewing of the judged classes was spacious and pleasant for all for ease of viewing.
The logies were well distributed with twenty of the classes won by different individual Exhibitors. Bob Smith Sth. Qld won two classes. An impressive performance, elevating him into the Hall of Fame, a great effort. There was also one more inductee into the Hall of Fame. Wayne Cusack NSW. Achieved this by winning the same class four times. Not only is it a great achievement winning the Black Eyed Self Class four times, to his credit he achieved it over the last four consecutive years.
Victoria was judged the winners leading from midway through the first day and them watching as the lead was whittled away throughout the final classes, but managing to hold on by four points from NSW.


bullet Victoria 456
bullet New South Wales 452
bullet South Queensland 430
bullet Western Australia 341
bullet Tasmania 244
bullet North & Central Queensland 197
bullet South Australia 190

The weekends Judging was a huge success, following on to decisions made as to judging to the Standard in the previous year, and Zones taking note of these requirements to make sure there were no re-occurrences of birds benched that do not conform, and with all contentious birds either left home or in the holding area.
The tours organised in that beautiful part of Western Australia were well patronised and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
In this current climate of ever increasing costs, and bureaucratic hurdles, it is lovely to see a continuing growth in support of this event every year. With budgerigars from all zones made available and people from across Australia in all aspects of organising, combining together to make sure these weekends are memorable and enjoyable for all hobbyists.
As a follow on to the Council Meeting on the Monday: an amendment to the Standard (No 1/2008) was endorsed and issued in December 2008, the Standard (less graphics) was loaded to the web site and remaining hard copies of the Standard were distributed to ANBC Member Bodies.

Leigh A Downey.
Historian A.N.B.C.



   This year we travelled to Burnie on the north coast of Tasmania to enjoy the National Competition hosted by a small but very enthusiastic team, the Budgerigar Council of Tasmania.
A lovely small city with everything very central, and a very impressive Civic Centre that was totally capable of accommodating all the major social events as well as a very spacious comfortable auditorium for the judging of the bird classes in the National Competition.
Tasmania also came up with a first by having the class results immediately available on the World wide web. For a very small State with obvious limited numbers of workers, they did a great job organizing and running the very successful week of competition social events and sightseeing tours associated with the National Competition. Congratulations Tasmania.
With great registration numbers and fanciers from all over Australia converging on Burnie to participate and enjoy the social scene as much as the Brilliant Budgerigars in competition, it was a very satisfying result for a lot of hard work.

The A.N.B.C. Elections were held at the delegates meeting on the Monday with the following results.
PRESIDENT. Brian Lewandowski. Nth.& C. Qld.
SECRETARY. Bob Bourke. N.S.W.
PUBLIC OFFICIER. Dave Butters. Sth. Qld.
HISTORIAN. Leigh Downey. Vic.
WEB MASTER. Steve Campbell. Vic.

The standing executive for 2009 / 2010. Is the President, Secretary, and immediate past President, Jim Fletcher B.C.T.
Colour and Standards Co-ordinator Rob Hugo. W.A.
A.B.A. Delegate. Bruce Bradford. N.S.W.
National Judges Co-ordinator. Peter Glassenbury. S.A.

There were a few important items of Business that were discussed at the delegates meeting. One of the most significant was that at future Zone hosting of the National competition serious consideration be given to airport time friendly Venues when their turn comes around. Also a time frame on the frequency of using International Judges.
All other items on the agenda were relevant managerial business and dealt with accordingly, nice change.
Tim Tassi has resigned from the National Judges Panel.
This is also the first year of the early issue of rings. 2010 Rings being available September 2009.
Rockhampton will not have to many late bred birds in the teams, I’m sure.

The weekend kicked off with the Friday night meet and greet which was very popular although twenty including myself nearly missed it courtesy of Qantas, nine hours in the airport and that was just waiting to get on the plane, for a one hour flight. Lucky there were no teams of birds booked on that flight.
Saturday starts early as we have come to expect. It all worked smoothly and efficiently with the odd numbered classes, in the auditorium of terraced seating and easy viewing for all. An expansive array of trade stands in the foyer, leading to a large refreshment area very well catered for.
To one side was a second hall with staging laid out for viewing of the birds in classes after judging.
Plenty of room for everyone to admire each bird and take photo’s if inclined.
The now, it seems, Institutional Auction of class birds by consistent top breeders rounded out the day, and it shows that if good stock is available there is no holding back on the dollars.
A short relaxing time before the Saturday night dinner the next official function, which was well patronised, providing an evening to catch up and swap stories.

Sunday starts with the same air of anticipation of keen competition as the even numbered classes are judged. A reasonably close competition. There were 18 individual different Logie winners, a very good spread of successful exhibitors. Victoria managed 10 individual class winners with 2 exhibitors studs, partnership of Sheppard & Flanagan, and P. Thurn winning 3 classes each and while only having a 9 point lead after the first day managed to finish a very impressive 25 point winners.
All Judging, colour & standards, and Brasea, meetings went off as per their schedules.

The Judges officiating over the 2 days were;
Neil Love (Sth.Qld.) teamed with John Scoric (Vic.)
Matt Campbell (N.S.W.) teamed with Ian Schnieder (Qld. Nth & Ctl.)

A big improvement on Sunday when the Judges were reminded that the exhibitors were entitled to a more credible run down of the class judged and reasons that birds finished in their respective positions of the class. This should be part of the pre-show directive to Judges as per the Judging format top bench, bottom bench movement of show cages.


bullet Victoria 467
bullet New South Wales 442
bullet South Queensland 387
bullet South Australia 299
bullet Western Australia 254
bullet North & Central Queensland 233
bullet Tasmania 226

The Judging was outstanding and from all reports every one agreed with the judges as to their assessment of the birds and their placement 1 to 14 in all classes.
Sunday night presentation dinner was an outstanding success and very well patronised.
Tasmania managed 6 tours that were wilderness Tasmanian orientated, these were very well received and enjoyed by all, offering good value for money.
Again I am happy to report very strong support and continuing growth in attendances at these shows. Roll on Rockhampton.

Leigh A Downey.
Historian A.N.B.C.



   Queensland North & Central Zone Budgerigar Council Inc. were the hosts for the National competition this year. The venue was the Leichardt Hotel Rockhampton
A very pleasant location in North Queensland. Also weather perfect in May.
Their Council is a small team of enthusiastic hard working budgerigar fanciers.

The venue was central in the city and adequate although for a short time each morning was crammed, but once the Judging was underway and people moved around to the trade tables and the viewing of the Judged classes everything settled down and appeared to run well and nobody minded. Its all about the birds anyway.
Proceedings started on Friday with registrations as people arrived and was then followed with a great function BBQ. At the Great Western Hotel with some cowboys bull riding as a very different enjoyable entertaining night.
All teams of birds had arrived safely and were eventually allowed to bed down.

Saturday early every seat taken in the auditorium trade stands perused and odd number classes Judging began. The show supported by some interstate volunteers and again Luke Fletchers, expertise in putting the results on the web immediately after Judging. An innovation a lot of fanciers not attending, now look forward to.
There was also an ample viewing area for the birds after Judging.
Down stairs the Hotels open air dining and bar available made for pleasant days.
Saturday evening dinner was well supported and a very nice social gathering.

Sunday started as is the format with the even numbered classes for Judging with Victoria holding a 36 point lead from the previous day. As the Judging progressed so their lead increased to a final 93 point win. This is the highest ever winning margin.
Although they dropped 3 first places from 10 (2009) to 7 (2010) their lowest class score was 18 points, with only two classes with a bird on the second row both at 8th. place. A very strong team overall.
There were 19 Individual Logie winners this year, another nice spread and 3 of those managed 2 classes. Congratulations to all, with the doubles being Sheppard & Flanagan (Vic) Ian Hunter (Vic) Kakoschke & Rice (SA).
Congratulations to Victoria on a great victory.

The auction on Sunday afternoon again brought out the available good birds and even better the punters.
A much anticipated enjoyable hour. While being a very gratifying addition to the hosts coffers.

All Judging, Colour & Standards, & Brasea meetings were conducted as per schedule.

The Officiating Judges were;
Alister Home (Tas) with Gary Gazzard (NSW)
Malcolm Loveridge (SA) with Stephen Mow (Vic)
A very credible display of Judging and totally accepted by all. Congratulation to the four Judges.

The positions in the results were exactly the same as last year.


bullet Victoria 500
bullet New South Wales 407
bullet South Queensland 353
bullet South Australia 307
bullet Western Australia 258
bullet North & Central Queensland 243
bullet Tasmania 237

Sunday night Presentation Dinner while slightly crammed was very well patronised, nice food and quite successful. It is a huge night for presentations and necessary official acknowledgements.
Queensland North & Central zone had arranged a few Tours that were well supported and took in a wide diversity of the area. I even went on one and thoroughly enjoyed it. Don’t know what I will ever do with the thunder eggs though.

The A.N.B.C. Elections for the ensuing year were held on the Monday at the Delegates meeting, with the following results.
PRESIDENT Warren Wilson. NSW.
PUBLIC OFFICIER. Dave Butters Sth Qld.
HISTORIAN. Leigh Downey. Vic.
WEB MASTER. Steve Campbell. Vic.
The standing executive for 2010 / 2011. Is the President, Secretary, and Jim Fletcher (Tas.) Co-opted.
Unfortunately the Immediate past President Mr Brian Lewandowsky passed away a few days after the National Competition weekend.
My / our condolences to his family.

There were some interesting items of business discussed at the meeting.
The postal vote as to 2 /3 /2 birds on the bench at the National competition seems to be creating the most interest. Also the Championships move to the 3rd. weekend in June 2013.
A new section of the Hall of fame has been created to Honour people for their input, service, and commitment to the ANBC. There were 5 very worthy Inductees, all founding Fathers of the ANBC.
They are;
Brian West (dec) Nth& C Qld.
Stan Watson (dec) SA.
George Duffield. SA.
Harry Eady. Vic.
Bruce Bradford. NSW.

2011 is NSW turn to host the National Competition and they will be held in Canberra. Planning is well underway. Also we are hosting at these Championships the Annual World Budgerigar Organization 2011 Meeting, including Delegates from around the World.
We anticipate a great attendance and look forward to renewing and enhancing friendships in this wonderful hobby.

Leigh A Downey.
ANBC. Historian.