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1991  TO  2000


New South Wales to host the championship show and again difficulties were experienced in trying to obtain a venue to cover all the activities. An excellent venue was chosen for the show at the "Whitlam Centre" a sporting complex in Sydney's south west. Once again a bus was required to take visitors from their accommodation to the various functions, all the venues were near and this kept the bus trips down to a short duration.

The Council decided that at future Championships the council meeting should be held on the Monday after the show:

bulletTo enable the delegates to deal with any business arising from Sundays show and therefore avoiding the necessity of holding a special meeting as per 1990.
bulletThis would enable the delegates to deal with all business without concern of other activities overlapping.

A decision to include a variable class in 1992 to be trialed over a seven-year period was agreed to and the 1992 class would be for dark green or olive with a postal vote deciding the other classes.

Clarification of candidates eligible to sit the National Judges Exam was that the candidate was to be nominated by their member body and to be of senior standing in their area. Not necessarily senior panel or senior in age!

The show cage issue was resolved and future cages can be made from timber product e.g. custom wood, craft wood and of course timber.

From and including 1992 all judges adjudicating at ANBC championship shows must have sat for and passed the ANBC exam.

*Show was completed in record time due to efficient stewarding reducing the down time between classes.

Officiating Judges were:

bulletBurnie O’Connel from Victoria
bulletGeorge Duffield from South Australia
bulletKevin Kelly and Ron Hunt from New South Wales


bulletVictoria 323
bulletSouth Queensland 288
bulletNew South Wales 255
bulletTasmania 220
bulletNorth Central Queensland 200
bulletSouth Australia 150
bulletWestern Australia 139



Hosted by South Queensland at the Ocean Blue resort with all activities held under the one roof. This again left us southerners envious at the venues that are available in Queensland. One demerit point was the over crowding for fanciers wishing to view the exhibits after the judging was completed.

The Council formally approved the four-day format for the championship show as follows: 

bulletFriday - Reception and Registration
bulletSaturday - Judges Exam and Judges Meeting, Colour and Standards Meeting
bulletSunday - Championship Show
bulletMonday - ANBC Meeting

The format for the variable classes would be:

bullet1993 Dark factor Blue (cobalt mauve or violet)
bullet1994 AOSV opaline
bullet1995 Albino
bullet1996 Spangle AOSV
bullet1997 Dark Factor Greywing
bullet1998 Black eyed White
bullet1999 Crested

Western Australia to provide a demonstration class of Crested Budgerigars at the 1994 ANBC Championship Show

The Council approved the issue of special ANBC Judges Badges to be issued to all successful candidates.

The Council has referred a request from the BCV to have a standard for Double Factor Spangles to be considered.

A motion to have two classes for the Yellow Face Blue i.e. Australian and English was defeated for the second year in a row.

A suggestion for a National Logie was dismissed as most member bodies wished to retain their autonomy in this regard.

Cheetham Rural as the major sponsers, have requested that a show he staged on the Saturday to give them maximum coverage. This was agreed upon by all member bodies as this was happening at present.

Mr Bruce Bradford from Sydney was elected as the National Secretary.


bulletVictoria 349
bulletNew South Wales 297
bulletSouth Queensland 297)
bulletNorth Queensland 219
bulletSouth Australia 206
bulletTasmania 171
bulletWestern Australia 141



South Australia hosted this years Championship at an excellent venue ill Glenelg. All activities were under the one roof except for the actual show. The transport from the motel to the show venue was excellent and the visitors were given plenty of time to catch buses to and from the show venue. The use of the in house closed circuit television to record the judging was a great innovation and applauded by all including the major sponsor "Golden Cobb"

A standard model of perfection was now available for purchase and many delegates expressed an interest in having these available for their own colour and standards committees.

A motion to separate the Greygreen and the Grey from the Normal classes lapsed for want of a seconder.

Mr Alan Gamble from New Zealand was give permission to address the Council meeting on the subject of the ANBC joining the "World Budgerigar Society". Mr Gamble was thanked for his report. The delegates then discussed this possibility, but the idea was not looked at favorably as:

Our country cannot possibly bench Budgerigars in other countries.

Our Veterinary information was that northern hemisphere problems are not the same as Australia, no gain in this area.

The high cost of joining and yearly subs were another point.

The cost of sending a delegate-each year all added up to this not being either practical or a commercially sound decision.

The Council tidied up area re sub committees required to report to the council meeting, sub committee secretaries are now required to attend the council meeting.

Mr Ted Wallis was given permission to look at the possibility of a National magazine.


bulletVictoria 330
bulletNew South Wales 302
bulletSouth Australia 281
bulletSouth Queensland 270
bulletTasmania 175
bulletNorth Queensland 174
bulletWestern Australia 148



Western Australia hosted another memorable. and enjoyable championship, visitors in particular expressed their satisfaction and delight with the program of activities.

The Council voted and agreed to alter the variable class, rescinding the previous motion. The variable class will now cover only three varieties i.e. AOSV Opaline, Albino and Double Factor Spangle. Council will decide after three years whether to include these varieties in the National Competition. The Albino will be in the competition in 1995 and in this year only Lutinos will be benched in the Red eye self coloured class.

All or any amendments to The National Standard will in future be on a sticky label to allow fanciers to place them in their existing standards.

i.e. The new Standard for Double Factor Spangles, a new Description of the Yellow Face Blue and an alteration to the matrix to include the Double Factor Spangle.

Many issues were raised at the Council meeting for the second and or third time and most delegates expressed their dissatisfaction that some member bodies were using the wear them down method of getting their own way!

Flecking and tick markings were discussed with the final outcome 'being to penalise birds not to disqualify them i.e. the heavier the flecking the heavier the penalty.

Guidelines on running The Championship week were to be compiled and returned to the ANBC Secretary by l994.


bulletVictoria 336
bulletNew South Wales 327
bulletSouth Queensland 276
bulletSouth Australia 226
bulletTasmania 226
bulletWestern Australia 147
bulletNorth Queensland 142



Tasmania hosted this year’s Championship at Launceston in the North of the State. The previous ten years have set a precedent where by fanciers are taking their annual leave to coincide with the Championships. This years Championship week was no exception with visitors from the mainland enjoying all the bus trips and activities that have become the standard.

The Tasmanians trialed an open show concept on the Saturday but were disappointed by the lack of support from mainland fanciers.

A motion to allow birds rung during the last two seasons to compete in the Championship was defeated.

A Manual for a National Judges Training Course is to be prepared by Mr Henry George.

Mr Bruce Bradford has now completed three years as ANBC Secretary and under the rules must stand down. Mrs Carol Cough was elected Secretary unanimously.


bulletNew South Wales 359
bulletVictoria 329
bulletSouth Queensland 312
bulletNorth Queensland 218
bulletTasmania 206
bulletSouth Australia 127
bulletWestern Australia 127



North and Central Queensland hosted the Championship in Cairns, Probably the most relaxed Championship staged. Aided by a wonderful venue, 'The Cairns Colonial Cub", warm weather and the romance of the tropics, most visitors went away wishing all shows could be run at venues like this one. The trips during the week following the Championship show were all memorable adding further enjoyment to this show or shows.

The Council accepted the Standards Committees recommendation in relation to the head spot on Spangles.
i.e. The larger the spot the larger the penalty.

The Council also accepted their recommendation that Red Eyed Self Coloured birds with no iris ring should he disqualified. Motions to accept Opaline Black Eyed Self coloured, 50% body colour for Greywings and to remove the Opaline Spangle from the Matrix were all defeated.

Motions to alter perches and the location of the show cage drinkers were all defeated.

Mrs Jean Painter reported on her visit to the World Budgerigar Meeting and asked delegates to again consider the ANBC joining The World Budgerigar Society. Delegates to vote on this issue in 1997.

Officiating Judges were:

bulletNigel Tonkin from South Australia
bulletJim Fletcher from Tasmania
bulletBrian West and Kevin O'Callaghan from North and Central Queensland


bulletVictoria 299
bulletNew South Wales 294
bulletSouth Queensland 285
bulletTasmania 248
bulletSouth Australia 205
bulletWestern Australia 178
bulletNorth Queensland 170


The Championship Show returns to Melbourne, the delegates voted on a motion to join the World Budgerigar organisation and it was defeated on the same grounds as previously put at past Council Meetings. A national exhibitors status lapses after being discussed for two years. The colour and standards committee has been given the go ahead to compile a standard for the Clearbody. The ANBC is to purchase some video Tapes on Clearbodies featuring Jeff Atwood from the UK, these are to be issued to the colour and standard delegates

The candidates for The National Judges Exams now only require 75% for theory and 85% for the practical to qualify as National Judges

A motion to present trophies for 2nd and 3rd place, was defeated. A motion for a standard national trophy was again defeated.

The formulae for selecting judges to officiate at the National Championship Show was changed to allow the host state to select two judges from any state This overrides the previous rule of requiring one from the previous host.

A change in the championship classes will allow AOSV Opaline, Albino and Double Factor Spangle in to show as permanent class A motion to include in the year 2000 was defeated.

Officiating Judges were:

bulletRay Sparks from North and Central Queensland
bulletHenry George from South Queensland
bulletRoss Loats and Mark Bridgeman from Victoria


bulletVictoria 337
bulletNSW 314
bulletSouth Queensland 249
bulletNorth Queensland 220
bulletTasmania 203
bulletWestern Australia 186
bulletSouth Australia l71



The Championship this year was hosted by NSW at the Bankstown Civic Centre. The venue was an excellent choice, and the accommodation was within walking distance. The Theatre restaurant was utilized for the dinners and proved a success, along with several different activities.

The Council meeting decided to trial a two day show format by judging half the classes on the Saturday and the other half on the Sunday. Several delegates expressed concern for their committees in trying to run two day shows without the chance of selecting their own team on the Saturday. This prompted delegates to make this only a trial period of two years. NSW delegates reminded the council meeting of the time saving when an effort was put into effective and efficient changing of the classes. This year’s show was completed with more than enough time for vewing the exhibits.

A motion for a national logie design was given the go ahead and for input on this idea to be in the hands of the general Secretary by December, 1998. A decision was made to have all exhibits from one to fourteen awarded a rosette at future Championship shows.

Delegates voted on and approved that the Spangle be placed above the Dominant Pied.

Mr Jim Fletcher has been invited to investigate costs etc and submit a proposal for the included on the Internet with their own website.

Mr Ron Hunt presented the history of the ANBC from its early days of talks in 1967, through various stages of development up until 1989. The delegates approved of this concept and copies were to be sent via the general Secretary to all member bodies for final approval. Following this presentation a motion was moved to create the position of Historian, this was carried unanimously. Ron Hunt was then appointed official Historian, carried unanimously.

Council decided to allow only birds wearing the ANBC ring symbol to be accepted for competition in the year 2000.

The delegates approved the acceptance of the Opaline Black Eye self colour in the Black Eyed Self colour class. This was unusual as both the judges panel and the colour and standards committee had returned a no vote on this issue.

A proposed draft of a Clearbody standard was submitted by the standards committee and a postal vote to decide. The issue to be finalised by the 1/10/98. Mr Bruce Bradford was elected General Secretary of the ANBC, this is his second term after serving three years previously.

Officiating Judges were:

bulletAlistair Holme from Tasmania
bulletAlan Rowe from Victoria
bulletRussell Keane and Ron Hunt from NSW


bulletVictoria 341
bulletNSW 333
bulletSouth Queensland 323
bulletTasmania 231
bulletWestern Australia 212
bulletNorth Queensland 177
bulletSouth Australia 168



The last Championship show for the 1900’s was hosted by South Queensland at the Mercure Resort on the Gold Coast. Once again the Queensland / Gold coast proved to be a perfect venue with the right atmosphere for a convention of this kind.

The ANBC for the first time trialled a two day show and although a small number felt this was a good idea, the large number of criticisms would have to be addressed to bring the event back to the kind of show we are used to in the one day format. Many fanciers felt it was same as going home at half time at a football match. Other comments were from visitors who were disappointed that the Saturday winners were not on display for people who could only afford the time to be at the show on Sunday.

The council meeting was addressed by Gary Brescianini representing Ridley Grri products, our Sponsors for fourteen years. He was able to put a new proposal to the delegates who were to take the new proposal to their zones. A reply was required by the 7th September, 1999 to determine the outcome of this new proposal.

Mr. Bruce Bradford was elected Secretary for the next year. Council delegates then voted in favour of the winners of classes of future championship shows be presented with a Logie as presented by the B.C.T. ie, A Mother Of Pearl Statuette. The ANBC Judges committee reported that despite resignations from the panel there are still 36 national judges. This report also included a complaint re the staging provided for the judge’s exams and the fact that other people were able to walk into area where the exams were taking place. Delegates resolved to correct this situation at future venues.

The colour and standards expressed disappointment in having the council ignore their decision on agenda items and not having the item returned to the C & S committee for further deliberation. The committee put forward a proposal to the council meeting that the provisional standard for clear bodies be issued. This was notified by the delegates. Mr. Bob Bourke was elected as national Coordinator for C & S, His major tasks being a rewrite of the Standard. He expressed disappointment at the slow response from most zones in putting forward any ideas on the rewrite.
The council delegates voted in favour of a two cent ring levy be collected by our ring manufacturer and that this levy be given to the host zone towards the cost of staging the ANBC Championship Show.

A decision to allow member bodies to decide on a one or two day show was met with an almost unanimous vote it being 6 to 1 in favour. Rules for running of a two day show were to be formulated and to be sent to the ANBC Secretary by the 31st August, 1999. Delegates were urged to consider the problems occurred in running the 1999 show when putting forward ideas.

The opaline yellow saga was resilved for the fourth time when delegates voted to rescind the 1998 motion and return to the previous rule of no opaline characteristics in the BE Self Coloured class. The vote was 6 to 1 in favour.

The Crested Budgerigar Club has been given permission to stage a class for crested budgerigars for the next three years along the lines of the championship show, competing for a trophy donated by Maurice Roberts from the UK. This permission was granted following a well put together presentation by Rob Hugo from Western Australia.
The championship show once again proved to be a Victorian success, however results this year have fanciers from smaller states finishing in the five, making top honours hard to come by. This of course highlights the depth of quality through out the budgerigar fancy and makes for a very interesting competition.

Officiating Judges were :


bulletShiralee Reardon – SA
bulletKen Blackbell – VIC
bulletNeale Love and Neville Spencer from S.E. QLD
bulletVictoria 353
bulletNew South Wales 327
bulletTasmania 304
bulletSouth Queensland 283
bulletNorth Queenstand 237
bulletWestern Australia 203
bulletSouth Australia 182



The first show for the New Century and South Australia were the host. The Morphetville Race Course proved to be an excellent venue with only good comments regarding the choice at location. The down side was the accommodation being separate from the venue and visitors were not all under the one roof.

The two day show still presents problems for delegates attending subcommittee meetings and concerns were expressed re officiating judges attending these meetings before their commitment to judging the show was completed.

A new system for the holding cages was introduced and this met with unanimous approval from the team carers and handlers, as they had more room to work on benching days. Instead of the holding cages being in Aviaries, a system of wire grills was installed and padlocked in place. These grills in turn were opened out and formed wings to the handlers work areas. The general feeling was this could be used at future ANBC shows.

The ring levy was tabled and members advised this raised $5,000 towards the running of the ANBC show.

Due to concerns re insurance cover during the running of the ANBC events, it was decided to join The Australian Bird Keepers & Traders Association and look into their insurance cover.

A vote was taken and passed to allow a bird to be shown only once during the two days of the Championship.

The ANBC will apply for an ABN to comply with new government regulations.

The judges asked that The Standards committee look further at The Standard for Cinnamon and Greywing Black Eyed Yellows and Whites.

Officiating Judges were :

bulletMartin Turner from Victoria
bulletDerek Poole from Tasmania
bulletNigel Tonkin and Peter Glassenbury from South Australia

A point of note is this was the first time in the last twenty years that sixth and seventh placings, both achieved over two hundred paints. A healthy sign that the competition is getting closer and the smaller teams are making progress.


bulletVictoria 391
bulletNew South Wales 382
bulletSouth Queensland 263
bulletTasmania 237
bulletWestern Australia 211
bulletNorth Queenstand 203
bulletSouth Australia 203