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1981  TO   1990


The first National Show to be held in Perth. For many of the fanciers from the eastern states this was to be their first visit to Perth.

This convention was to be the beginning of the ANBC as we all know it today. Representatives of each state or zone met and a resolution was passed to constitute a national co-ordinating body. This body would review documentation of show rules for future competitions, review standards and participate in the hosting of future nationals. Mr Brian West from Townsville was elected as Secretary of this new body. During this weekend it was decided to look at the Budgerigar with one head spot, a recommendation was put forward that this bird should not be allowed to compete as a dominant pied. This recommendation was taken up by all member bodies. Concern was expressed regarding birds other than blackeyed self coloured which were competing in the blackeyed self class. A suggestion was put forward that future standards be written with this point in mind. The people who formed this committee (were from peoples memories)


Victoria Alan Marshall and Ron MacNamara


Queensland Brian West and Amon Murdock


New South Wales Bruce Bradford, Col Morgan and Kevin Kelly


ACT Don Geary


South Australia George Duffield and Stan Watson


Western Australia Willie Shoeman

The National Show was filmed and shown to fanciers on the Monday evening. Western Australia did not allow for open judging and this was one way of bringing the fanciers up to date with the judging. The show was judged by a panel of Western Australians, the first time a panel was used in Western Australia. This show also saw the pied class divided into two categories (i.e. dominant and recessive)



South Australia 226


Western Australia 196


Victoria 179


New South Wales 174


North Queensland 125


South Queensland did not compete



First show to be held in North Queensland. Fanciers for the first time started to realise they could arrange and enjoy their holidays to coincide with the National Show.

22nd May 1982 - First official meeting of the ANBC and the adopted of a constitution and show rules. 

The council discussed a standard for spangles which was accepted and the spangle would compete in the competition in 1983. A motion to accept the English standard was rejected. The show was judged by a panel of three from Northern Queensland and was open for spectators. Reports indicate that this was the largest number of fanciers, to be seen to this date, watching the judging. This was to be the first time that fallows competed in the competition and although their standard was poor competition at this level, however over the years a vast improvement in this variety has been developed.



South Australia 215


North Queensland 194


Victoria 173


Western Australia 164


New South Wales 162


South Queensland 98

The social events were recorded to have cemented many friendships across the nation. These social events were reported to be one of the reasons why the National Show has been so successful.



The National Show returns to Melbourne.

At the Council meeting South Australia presented a written standard outline. This was accepted by all member bodies for use at the Australian Championship Show, however some member bodies declined to use domestically. Long flights and head flecking were discussed at length and it was decided to penalise rather than disqualify. The lacewing was approved for competition at the 1986 National.

Tasmania entered the competition for the first time and finished fifth.

Some lessons were learned the hard way, as delegates complained of difficulties in trying to observe the judging. This disappointed many visitors. The national show was detracted from as a presentation of prizes and an auction was held during the judging of the Championship Show. The show was judged by a panel of Victorians and 14 classes were presented for judging. The spangle class was in the competition for the first time.



Victoria 313


South Australia 244


New South Wales 210


Western Australia 210


Tasmania 190


South Queensland 154


North Queensland 146

All the social events were well received.



New South Wales to host the Championship at Wollongong.

The first time the National Standard was used as a reference point.

The first time spectator seating was arranged specifically for fanciers to watch the judging.

The first time an interstate panel was used to judge the show.

The judges were:

bulletKevinKelly NSW
bulletIan Hunter VIC
bulletBill Silvertand South Queensland

The show was judged in record as two sets of staging were used. This enabled the stewards to change a class at their leisure and eliminated the time wasted changing classes.

The Council meeting expressed concern regarding the cost of running the championships and sponsorship was also discussed. Ring levies were also discussed, and subsequently rejected.

The Logo used on this occasion by NSW was voted in to be used as the logo for all future shows, on banners, badges etc.

The exchange of show cages by all member bodies was seen as a step towards a national show cage.

New South Wales expressed dissatisfaction with several points in the written standard.


bulletSouth Australia 304
bulletVictoria 261
bulletNew South Wales 253
bulletNorth Queensland 185
bulletSouth Queensland 156
bulletWestern Australia 154
bulletTasmania 153



The Show returns to Queensland but this time it is the turn of South East Queensland. The Lennons Broadbeach was to show future organisers of the ANBC Championships the great advantage it is to house all events under the one roof.

The ANBC council meetings are now well planned and giant steps were being made to obtain full National Standards etc. NSW had pointed out that a clause in the current written standard was incorrect. This was the clause excluding birds with head flecking from 1st 2nd or 3rd place.

This point was upheld by all member bodies and a small committee was formed to rewrite the Standard correcting all errors.

This Committee was:

bulletCollin Morgan NSW
bulletHarry Eady VIC
bulletGeorge Duffield SA

They were to meet several times paying their own expenses during the next few years. The Opaline Lacewing was to be accepted as a standard Lacewing in the 1986 show. The Victorians presented a composite show cage with the best features of all cages from the other states. Due to a heated debate it was decided by the ANBC not to pursue the matter at this stage.

The council set a formulae for selecting a panel to judge future ANBC championships. This was to be; one home state, one from the previous state or zone and one from any other state or zone This was to provide for all zones or states to have a judge officiate at the championships.

The offer for Barastock to sponsor the ANBC Championship show to be considered by the host state each year.

This was also the first time Jeff Atwood from the UK was to lecture at the convention. His very open style, incredible memory for names his knowledge of Budgerigars, combined with an ability to entertain while lecturing endeared him to Australian Fanciers.

The championships were conducted over fourteen classes and again emphasis was placed on team placings for both birds, NSW won four classes and Victoria only wins three, Victoria wins & NSW can only manage 4th.


bulletVictoria 254
bulletSouth Queensland 245
bulletSouth Australia 244
bulletNew South Wales 229
bulletNorth Queensland 219
bulletTasmania 157
bulletWestern Australia 122



This years show is to be held in Adelaide. The convention ideal is well established and the South Australians receive many compliments and congratulations.

The judging of the championships show establishes a very good point. Fourteen birds on one plank is out of the question. To stand back far enough to observe all birds for comparison, the judge has to be too far back and is unable to see the birds in any detail. In trying to observe the birds all as a class one judge (Fred Cardona) almost fell off the stage where the birds were being judged.

It was resolved to go back to two planks of seven birds.

Judges for this show were Fred Cardona, George Duffield and Neil Bourne. The Lacewing makes its first appearance giving us 15 classes.


bulletSouth Australia 308
bulletVictoria 287
bulletNew South Wales 278
bulletSouth Queensland 225
bulletTasmania 205
bulletNorth Queensland 164
bulletWestern Australia 107


Perth and Western Australian Fanciers host this years Championship. Another great convention and 1st class Holiday.

The Council met and discussed at length the revised written word on The Standard, some amendments were made and accepted by the Council.

It was determined to have the written work finalised by Hobart 1987. The standards committee advised The Council that they had included Mr Brian West in their latest meetings and that Brian was working on a Model for The Standard. This model was to be used for photographs that would be included in the finished standard of perfection. Every state or zone had now accepted the written word. The ANBC meeting of delegates proposed a levy on all member bodies of 50 cents per member to allow the work on The Standard to continue. This was accepted by all Delegates.

The council decided against adopting a composite show cage on the basis that it would be of little use unless accepted by all member bodies. To further the case for a national cage it was decided to send a sample of the composite cage to all member bodies. Tasmania requested and was given permission to use four judges in two panels at the 1988 championship.


bulletNew South Wales 295
bulletVictoria 266
bulletSouth Queensland 248
bulletSouth Australia 207
bulletTasmania 204
bulletNorth Queensland 194
bulletWestern Australia 160



The Championships moved to Tasmania for the first time.

Excellent convention with the Tasmanians justly proud of their efforts.

The Council met and finally agreed on a standard for a National Show Cage. This cage was an updated version of the composite cage first produced in Victoria. The new cage was manufactured by Mr Trass from Brisbane and was presented by John Glynn. The Council accepted this cage design to be taken by the delegate to their State or Zone for general approval.

The Council decided to approve two standards for Dominant Pieds, one for the Australian mutation and one to cover all other Dominant Pieds. The latter to be called variegated Pied. The Council discussed ways of creating a national judges panel. Each member body is to nominate a person to go to next years National to form a Steering Committee with aim of creating a National Judges Panel.

A class for birds unable to make The Australian Championships on a regular base (i.e. Olives, Violets) was discussed and rejected.

An unfortunate incident clouded the otherwise perfect convention, when six birds were stolen from the Holding Aviaries and Police were called in to investigate but were unable to obtain any convictions. This incident has of course improved security and a lesson learnt the hard way is always a lesson learnt.


bulletNew South Wales 306
bulletVictoria 288
bulletSouth Australia 255
bulletSouth Queensland 248
bulletTasmania 211
bulletNorth Queensland 167
bulletWestern Australia 97



The first time the Championships are held outside a major city. North and Central Queensland host The Championships at the Iwasaki Resort at Yepoon and this proved to be an outstanding success.

The ANBC delegates meeting made some important decisions:

1. Final acceptance by all member bodies of the National Show Cage and final specifications were distributed to all delegates to take back to their home state.

2. Adoption of separate standards for the Australian pied and The Variegated Pied.

3. Two Classes for Dominant Pieds to be used at the 1990 Championship.

4. The Council was presented with a model of The Standard for approval. This model had been organised by Brian West using a TAFE Teacher from Townsville. The delegate asked for the models to be painted as a normal green. This then to be used for photographs in the ANBC Standard of Perfection. The show this year was again judged by a panel of four, two home sate and two from other states and again proved successful This years panel was:- Alastair Home (Tasmania), Brian West North (Queensland), Neville Seage (New South Wales) with Mick Vagg (North Queensland).

5. Acceptance of the Accreditation Scheme for National Judges to be in place by 1990. The Steering Committee met on the Monday evening.

The Steering Committee consisted of:

bulletBrian West (Chairing the meeting)
bulletAlastair Home (to record the minutes)
bulletHarry Eady (Victoria)
bulletRon Hunt (New South Wales)
bulletHenry George (South Queensland)
bulletGordon Lowe (South Australia)
bulletCarol Pearce (Western Australia)
bulletAlastair Home (Tasmania)
bulletBrian West (North Queensland)

The following Guidelines were set out and put into place:

1. Selection of the Examining Panel.
Each state to submit the name of a judge who has been involved in testing judges in his / her home state. Five Examiners are required to form this panel. The names put forward by each member body would be balloted at the BCA executive meeting to reduce the number to five. These five people would be the first examining panel for the ANBC and their names would be notified to the ANBC Secretary by the 1st of November, 1989.

2. First Exam to be set in 1990 when Victoria will be the host.

3. Each member body to be responsible for the training of judges prior to being nominated to sit for the ANBC judges exam.

4. Candidates must be currently active judges in their home state.

5. Candidates to be nominated by their home state body prior to the 1st of March each year.

6. All judges to be financial members of their home state body.

7. The number of candidates to be drawn from the following list -five from Victoria (the home state in 1990), two from New South Wales (the 1991 host) and one from every other state/zone. This formulae to be used for future exams.

8. ANBC shows to be judged only by Qualified ANBC judges after 1991.

9. The initial panel to stand down one each year after the first two years and be replaced by ANBC Qualified judges.

Note: November the 1st 1989. The following names were given to the ANBC Secretary Brian West as the Initial Examining Panel for ANBC judges.

bulletHarry Eady (Victoria)
bulletRon Hunt (New South Wales)
bulletHarold Cooper (Tasmania)
bulletBrian West (Northern Central Queensland)
bulletBarney Hackney (South Queensland)


bulletSouth Queensland 304 (first ever win by South Queensland)
bulletVictoria 287
bulletNew South Wales 252
bulletTasmania 225
bulletNorth Queensland 203
bulletSouth Australia 175
bulletWestern Australia 129



The Victorians hosted this years Championship at the Latrobe University, this proved to be another ideal venue for the ANBC Show . The only problem, the accommodation was spread out, this required the organisers to run a shuttle bus for each event The Hosts were able to overcome this problem area and many interesting discussions took place on these bus trips.

This year is the first National Show to be judged using a truly National Standard. This year also is the first time, a group of candidates sat for a National Examination to gain accreditation for the right to judge the ANBC Championship Show. It was also the first time a panel was formed from five different states to examine candidates for accreditation.

The council meeting put in place rules to cover the officiating judges at the ANBC Championship Show. Three-nights accommodation, air fare and all the dinners from Friday evening to Sunday evening were approved unanimously.

The Dominant pied classes were one class for the Australia Pied and one class for the Variegated Pied. The officiating judges were not familiar with the new standards on Dominant Pieds and several protests were lodged by delegates who were familiar with the standard. This put into place a chain of events leading to a decision to reduce the Dominant Pied class to one class only. Firstly the colour and standards committee were called in to interpret the written word, thus resulting in several exhibits being wrongly classed. A meeting was called to discuss future protests at ANBC shows and many points were made with a need for a postal vote to decide the issues.

The council meeting had an embarrassing moment when a letter from a member body’s sub committee was presented by a delegate from a different member body. This letter was rejected and several censure motions were proposed. The outcome being that all correspondence presented at the council meeting is to come through the correct channels, i.e. to the secretary of the member body who on approval from their own management will then forward such correspondence to the National Secretary.

Officiating judges:

bulletRoy Reed and Alan Rowe from Victoria
bulletFred Cordon from New South Wales
bulletJ Barnard from North and Central Queensland


bulletVictoria 321
bulletSouth Queensland 305
bulletNew South Wales 287
bulletTasmania 200
bulletNorth Queensland 194
bulletSouth Australia 186
bulletWestern Australia 181