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Compiled From Responses Provided By Members


- The venue is the priority. It should have an area of at least 500 sq metres for the judging area and gallery. Anything larger is a bonus as the gallery varies from zone to zone, with as many as 100 to 150 people watching the judging. As a guide, one basketball court with one metre surrounds, is 510 sq metres
- Another area of approx 100 sq metres is required in close proximity for the holding aviaries.
- The whole venue should have plenty of light, natural or artificial.
- No less than 2 metres of space between aisles when birds on display.
- Ample aisle space in judging auditorium remember judging may take in excess of 4 hours and people will want to move around
- Good viewing conditions during the show, i.e. raised judges dais or tiered seating in auditorium or TV monitors
- Seating accommodation for at least the number of registrations received.
- Score board large enough to be seen by all and be displayed in a suitable position.
- Uniform two tier judging stage.
- Uniform approach to methods of judging i.e. from left to right on both tiers, etc
- Adequate training of Stewards to expertly move birds as required.
- Training of a head steward to take particulars of placings for the scorers.
- That judging commence no later than 9:30am on show day. That surely allows enough time for birds to be selected, prepared and caged as well as settling down for the first two classes.
- Sheets with each zone cage numbers can be issued to spectators once judging has commenced. This will make it easier to name the winning exhibitor for record purposes and to extend congratulatory remarks
- A good PA system is necessary.

Viewing Time

- The minimum viewing time should be 1 hours. Again, people have paid a lot of money to see the exhibits.
- The zone delegates/representatives should have first access to the birds for photographs and slides to be taken. Approximately 1/2 hour is needed before the general public is permitted to take photographs.
- There should be no lectures or presentations immediately after the Show.
- Apart from the show, the venue should have some facilities for food and drinks, not necessarily hard drink, as people are going to be there all day and will be looking for something during the day.
- Holding aviaries to be adequate size and if possible to be positioned so they have natural light and ventilation.
- Sufficient room and bench space for each team to prepare birds prior to the show.
- If at all possible, the venue and the accommodation should be under one roof. Where this is not possible, a regular shuttle bus service between accommodation and show venue should be available.
- If an ideal venue, visitors not using the accommodation cannot or should not expect to be brought to the venue from all over the city. However, they should be met on arrival.
- The needs of the bird carers should be given particular attention i.e. meals, where because of their duties they are unable to access what is available to other fanciers. Transport arrangements should be made, where transport to the team venue is necessary. Carers should not have to make their own way to the venue simply because they need to travel at early/late times.
- Host State to organize with sponsor airline the return of birds to home states or zones for minimal costs. (Only applicable if birds return unaccompanied)
- Making videos, photographs and slides available is something to be commended.


Family members not interested in budgies should be catered for, so that everybody enjoys "the Nationals". States/Zones have benefited from giving out a handout with a list of possible tours and activities in the year prior to the show

Social Events

Contribute enormously to the meeting and mixing of people from all over the country. It is a belief that tours and other social events need just as much planning and attention to detail, as putting on the Championship Show. It is particularly desirable that advertised descriptions of tours should reflect the reality of the actual tour, otherwise people will feel let down and disappointed.