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Judges - Code of Performance

  1. 1. All Judges should be suitably attired so as to present a professional image.
    2. All judges must have a meeting prior to commencement of judging to ensure that they adopt a standard approach, which in turn will look to those watching to be uniform and professional. It would be advisable for show manager to attend same meeting.
    3. Only one judging stick to be used at any one time.
    4. Where birds are being Judged on two levels.
        a) Stand well back [at least 2 metres] and make a preliminary assessment of the class. It may be necessary to move forward to get some of the birds to perch, but do not waste time on the ones that will not perch at this stage.
        b) Move the initially assessed best birds on to the top level and place in order of merit on first assessments.
        c) Place those still on lower level in order of merit on first assessment.
        d) Compare the birds on the top level one against the other determining which is the better bird.
        e) Move the lower level birds to the upper level and repeat comparison process.
        f) Compare the best of the birds from this latter group with those of the previous group again on top level.
        g) Move birds to final position.
        h) Check the class to ensure no oversight has occurred.
        i) Make the awards.
    5. Each pair of Judges should have note book and pen, so as to make notes for later reference.